11 Small Apartment Ideas: Create more space following these simple steps

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11 Small Apartment Ideas: Create more space following these simple steps
11 Small Apartment Ideas: Create more space following these simple steps

Modest apartments are great, they take less time to clean, have a smaller footprint, it’s easier to find things and encourage a more minimal lifestyle. However, when it comes to creating the greatest sense of space, it’s important to think tactically about how you arrange your furnishings. 

11 Small Apartment Ideas: Create more space following these simple steps

#1 Keep furniture off the floor

The Langston Tower

Large, cumbersome furniture can look heavy-set and take up valuable space, but raising couches, coffee tables, dressers and storage units off the floor can create a lighter, more open aesthetic.

Image credit: CBRE

#2 Use rugs to define separate zones

Use rugs to define separate zones

By carefully delineating individual zones using rugs and furniture, you can make your apartment appear to have more rooms, without any walls. Curate each space by choosing patterns, textures and colours that compliment each other and have a good sense of cohesion.

#3 Find elegant modern furniture 

 Find modern furniture with clean lines

Less is more when it comes to interior design, so choosing minimalist furniture will create a more relaxing space, especially in smaller apartments. Opt for curves, crisp edges and simple patterns.

#4 Use vertical space

Use vertical space

Find a slim bookshelf, install floating shelves and double stack your washer and dryer to create more floor space. The most effective way to adopt this technique is by using a neutral colour palette and only using certain walls to avoid creating a boxed-in effect.

#5 Install a mezzanine 

Install a mezzanine 

If your apartment lacks storage options, you may wish to have a mezzanine built to provide extra floor space for sleep, work or storage depending on your requirements and ability to gain building consent. A mezzanine effectively utilises vertical space and gives you the ability to shift any clutter away from eye-level.

Image credit: The Sleep Judge

#6 Look for dual-purpose furniture

Dual-use furniture
Dual-use furniture

As the demand for multi-purpose furniture rises, designers are coming up with exciting, innovative designs. From hollow ottomans to trundler sofas and collapsible desks, there are plenty of pieces on the market to choose from.

Image credit: Trend Hunter

#7 Convertible spaces

11 Small Apartment Ideas: Create more space following these simple stepsSimilar to dual-purpose furniture, convertible spaces are a larger scale version which can involve constructing partial walls or manufacturing custom fittings. For example, architect Jack Chen’s Type Street Apartment (pictured) has an area which can accommodate three different uses: dining, television watching and work – all within a tiny square meterage. 

Image credit: Tsai Design

#8 Place art at eye level

Place art at eye level

The general rule of thumb is that the artwork should measure 57 inches from the ground to meet the average eye level. By placing the work at this height means it can be viewed comfortably and ensures the room is well balanced.

#9 Give unused spaces a purpose

Give unused spaces a purpose

If you have a clear space in your apartment, avoid filling it with just anything and think about how the area could be used effectively. 

#10 Use mirrors

Use mirrors

Mirrors are great for adding the illusion of space, especially in narrow corridors or hallways. Avoid placing in direct sunlight.

#11 Consider installing a mural

Consider installing a mural

Printing or painting a floor to ceiling mural can be a unique way to add character to your apartment, as well as giving the illusion of grandeur. Choose subtle colours and textures which are peaceful to look at.

Lead image: Jack Chen's Type Street Apartment

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max Devlin's picture
Wow, some really great space saving ideas in here. Slide, don't swing! If you can't install a sliding door consider a bi-fold.
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