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Ratio Consultants is a multi-disciplinary practice providing services in town and regional planning, traffic and transport engineering and social and economic impact assessments.

Ratio has a fundamental commitment to the delivery of realistic and accurate advice to clients and progressive improvement of the environment through innovative planning and creative design solutions.

There is a recognition today that new projects require sophisticated and detailed evaluation and planning so that the end result is complementary to the environment and that the physical and economic factors are understood before construction, or even before initial design work, is commenced.

Ratio can offer a range of services at differing scales, providing a balanced perspective on a range of planning problems.

Ratio has also been responsible for the evaluation and planning of individual large scale projects. Integrated project planning, where many different specialists within Ratio work together, offers our clients real benefits in terms of performance and the synthesis of ideas from many disciplines.

Ratio also offers services from individual disciplines within the Company. Whether the service required is limited to a zoning assessment requiring Statutory Planners or site design, or requires only the expertise of Traffic Engineers, our professionals operate within a multi-disciplinary environment where feedback and advice from diverse specialists improve the end product for the benefit of our Clients.

In all projects it is Ratio's aim to work closely with our clients to ensure that their priorities are met with quality advice and outputs.

The principal areas of practice encompass:

Town Planning: including Permit Applications, VCAT Advocacy / Expert Evidence, Property Advice, Planning Scheme Amendments, Due Diligence & Building Permit Dispensations.

Traffic Engineering – VCAT Expert Witness, Traffic Impact Assessments, Car Parking & Mechanical Car Parking, Local Area Traffic Management.

Transport Planning - Construction Management Traffic Plans, Waste Management Plans, Bike Planning, Sustainable and Green Transport Planning & Major Event Planning.

Impact Assessments – Social and Economic Impact Statements & Liquor Licensing.

A client may require only one of the above services, either individually or to complete a project team. Alternatively Ratio may bring to a project many of the individual disciplines as an integrated team of people used to working closely together.

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