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onemilegrid is a boutique traffic and transport engineering and waste management consultancy firm established in 2014. 

onemilegrid was founded by Jamie Spratt, Ross Hill, Trevor Waugh and Valentine Gnanakone, each of whom have extensive experience in all aspects of traffic & transport planning for residential, commercial, industrial, transport, education and health sectors.

Whilst being a young organisation, onemilegrid have already proven to be leaders in the traffic, transport and waste management fields representing developers, land owners, and numerous Council’s on projects throughout Australia.  We take pride in providing innovative, cost effective and market leading solutions to all our clients with Director involvement on all projects. 

Our wealth and breadth of experience across a variety of sectors puts us in good stead to understand the complexities of master planning and development within a built-up environment to manage competing stakeholders, community expectations and client outcomes which are critical for urban and greenfields development alike.  We pride ourselves on our collaborative working relationship with other consultants, our understanding of the commercial realities of development and crucially the ‘bigger picture’, with traffic and transport forming a piece of a complex puzzle.

Within the development space, onemilegrid provides traffic engineering and waste management advice during the planning stage to provide efficiencies with regard to the design and layout of the site.  Subsequently, onemilegrid will undertake the necessary car parking, traffic and waste generation analysis to furnish the preparation of a Transport Impact Assessment and Waste Management Plan to accompany a town planning submission. 

Our work includes negotiation with VicRoads and Council for access and in the event a Planning Permit is not granted, we regularly represent clients at VCAT. The ability to engage with all parties drawing on a wealth of experience provides comfort to our clients and the Tribunal alike.

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