How to locate the right family suburb in Perth

How to locate the right family suburb in Perth
Nicholas FaillaJune 17, 2020

If you're looking for an investment property which will appeal to families, choosing the type of property in the right suburb will make a difference in the long run.

The question is what are the key elements that make a family friendly suburb appealing to Western Australians? And what are some top considerations that families look for when they evaluate buying into a suburb? 

Schools (and childcare)

Proximity and catchment areas of well reputed schools with education facilities from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools is a key factor when a family decides to purchase a home. This also includes child-care facilities available nearby. Suburbs with top performing schools often fetch higher priced properties. 

Closeness to Natural Recreation Areas e.g. Water Bodies/ Reserves

Affordable beach-side living is one of the many things that Perth is just blessed with. Suburbs closest to the beach or Swan River often fetch the best prices. There are also lakes and ponds that provide the perfect family play and picnic areas. 

One of the main reasons that families prefer residential areas with a water body is the number of water activities that are provided. From young children to adults, beaches, rivers and lakes provide active fun as well as a great lifestyle e.g. surfing, body boarding, wake boarding, waddling, snorkelling, canoeing, swimming, beach volley and so much more.

Another popular feature is being close to bushland or reserves where families can go for long walks or bicycle rides and explore nature.

Community Facilities

Shopping Centres, Post Offices, Libraries and a Community Centre – all these play an important role in the consideration of suburb to live in. These conveniences will help support the busy needs of families. 

Community centres also provide a way for local families to connect and there are activities promoted by local councils which give social involvement opportunities for the young and elderly alike.

Suburbs which host functions at the local council centre allows for opportunities for families from the neighbourhood to meet and get to know one another. Some popular activities include reading groups for young children, children Lego clubs, local farmers markets, fetes, fairs and other functions as well. Some libraries host book clubs, art classes, writing classes and basic computer classes for free to help their community.

Another added bonus would be having Hospitals and Medical Centres located close by in the event of necessity. 

Especially important for young families are the playground infrastructure. How many playgrounds are there in the suburb? How accessible are they from the residence? Children love to play at playgrounds and or hit balls at parks - this is a necessity for healthy growth. Parents can catch up for chats or go for a beautiful leisurely walk in the park, then catch up for a coffee nearby. 

Crime Activity - Is the suburb safe? 

Safety and security are key features of a family-friendly suburb. In reference to the crime statistics (, you can find out what the person/ property crime rate ratios are and choose investing in certain safer neighbourhoods. As safety is of paramount importance, this list gives you access to specific neighbourhoods ( and how safe it is.

Public Transport

Although this may not be top on the list at first glance but rises in importance as children become teenagers and gain independence by travelling to school by busses and trains. Connectivity to major transportation line should always be considered.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind, the community itself is an important factor of consideration. 

If you would like to know more about the top choices for family suburbs in Perth, feel free to contact us for more information.

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