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World's tallest planned for Iraq

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Plans revealed for the world’s tallest building in Iraq

Nov 20, 2015 Ingrid Fuary-Wagner

World's tallest planned for Iraq

A twisting skyscraper that towers over the Basra province in Iraq could become the world’s tallest building, if the plans come to fruition.

AMBS Architects, which was founded by Iraqi architect Ali Mousawi, have designed a 230-storey building as part of a new masterplan for the city.

The overarching plan, commissioned by the Basra Governorate, aims to maximise the city’s capacity by 2025 but also to curb urban sprawl, according to AMBS Architects.

The architects’ solution was to design what they describe as  “the first vertical city in the world”.

Standing at 1152 metres tall, the skyscraper would surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building.

The proposed building has been named “The Bride” after “the bride of gulf”, a local reference to the fertile land surrounding Basra.

Comprising four towers, the structure would house supermarkets, a school, a sky garden, commercial centre and residential neighbourhoods.

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..........Reality check, I somehow don't see this being constructed in the near future in a country that has been at war for quite a long time now.

World's tallest planned for Iraq

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Lol what could possibly go wrong?

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