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World's most liveable city

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Melbourne Voted The World’s Most Liveable City Once More

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city for a fifth-straight year.

The annual Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index looks at 140 cities worldwide, and we topped the list once more. Melbourne secured perfect scores of 100 in healthcare, education and infrastructure, culture and environment, and sport.

It’s vindication of the Andrews Labor Government’s commitments, and a sign we’re heading in the right direction.

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing capital, and we’re the only city in the world to win the coveted survey five times. Melbourne has consistently featured in the top five cities since the survey was established in 2002.

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Melbourne named world's most liveable city, for fifth year running

August 18, 2015 - 7:17PM Clay Lucas

World's most liveable city

Melbourne has topped The Economist's liveability rankings for a fifth consecutive year.

But planning experts have warned that, while the liveability rankings were "marketing nirvana", they were meaningless for much of Melbourne, and got in the way of improving the city.

And a social services group said the ranking failed to recognise the growing disparity between those rich enough to live where good jobs and services were, and those in areas of high unemployment, poor transport and entrenched disadvantage.

The five most liveable

City            Rank          Overall rating

Melbourne     1                   97.5

Vienna           2                   97.4

Vancouver     3                  97.3

Toronto          4                 97.2

Adelaide        5                  96.6

Calgary          5                 96.6


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^^ You wonder about The Age, good news and what do you get as a story, misery and gloom.


World's most liveable city

World's most liveable city in 2015 is ...

Melbourne, Australia - With great coffee, great food, lively music and arts scene and lots of open space, it's no surprise why Melbourne is rated the most liveable city in the annual Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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Moving to Melbourne: nine things newcomers know to be true

Jun 17, 2016 Kirsten Robb

Laneways, coffee and the footy: when you first move to Melbourne, you quickly notice that nearly all of the city’s cliches are actually fairly accurate.

There’s plenty of beards, tonnes of sport talk and that “four seasons in one day” weather requiring you to simultaneously keep sunglasses, an umbrella and a spare cardigan with you at all times.

While you might chuckle at the stereotypes, you can quickly you find yourself falling in line, wearing black and declaring cafe chains are a blight on society.

The fastest growing capital city in Australia, Melbourne did not earn that title from an exploding birth rate, but high migration from overseas, interstate and within Victoria itself.

And whether it’s for education, job opportunities or simply the pull of “the world’s most liveable city”, more migrants are expected to push the city’s population north in coming years.

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Melbourne – The World’s Most Liveable City Again

18 August 2016

World's most liveable city

Melbourne has been voted the World’s Most Liveable City for an unprecedented sixth-straight year.

The prestigious Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Index surveys 140 of the world’s best cities, and we’ve blitzed the field again. Melbourne secured perfect ratings for healthcare, education and infrastructure.

It’s proof of what we already know. We have the best of everything, and we’re the best city to call home. Melbourne is the cultural, sporting and events capital, and Victoria is the Education State. We’re the envy of the nation when it comes to tourism, and we’re proudly multicultural.

Melbourne is a great place to live, visit or invest – the data proves it. We’re the fastest growing city in Australia, welcoming 70,000 people who’ve voted with their feet and chosen to call Melbourne home in the past year alone.

Our world-class international education sector has seen more than 175,000 international students study in Victoria, and The University of Melbourne was recently crowned Australia’s highest international ranking university.

Our health system is world-class. We’re home to state-of-the-art facilities, medical research institutes and leading scientists, clinicians and researchers.

Melbourne boasts  one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, and we’re leading Australia when it comes to full-time jobs growth. More than 110,000 new full-time jobs were created in the year ending June 2016.

We’re leading the country in small business growth, welcoming 9,000 new businesses in the past 12 months, and we’re outperforming our competitors interstate when it comes to tourism. In the six-straight years we’ve retained top spot, international visitation has grown by 9.2 per cent annually – far higher than the national average.

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Top of the world: Melbourne crowned world's most liveable city, again

AUGUST 18 2016 - 12:53PM Broede Carmody and Aisha Dow

World's most liveable city

Melbourne has topped The Economist's livability rankings for six years in a row.  Photo: Leigh Henningham

For the sixth year in a row, Melbourne has topped The Economist's list of the world's most liveable cities. 

Lord mayor Robert Doyle said retaining the title was something for which all Melburnians should be proud.

"We do not take this title for granted and are constantly planning and implementing policies that will continue to improve our quality of life," Cr Doyle said. 

"It is an exciting time in Melbourne: We've got many major infrastructure projects under way, including the Metro Tunnel, and the proposed renewal of the Queen Victoria Market precinct."

Sydney is one of the biggest losers of this year's report, tumbling out of the top 10 most liveable cities. The harbour city fell four places to 11th, owing to a heightened perceived threat of terrorism.

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Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city, but what does that really mean?

Jan 13, 2017 Robert Doyle

We all know that Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city for the past six years. But what does that mean?

I was humbled to be made an honorary doctorate of laws (honoris causa) at Monash University last month and as part of the graduation ceremony I was invited to give the keynote address to the 2016 graduates.

I encouraged the more than 400 young graduates to ponder their futures, referring to the three big questions we need to answer about our lives.

First: With whom do we wish to spend our lives (I told them I can’t help with that one).

Second: Where will we live? Place has a powerful effect on our lives.

Third: What will we do? Not just our career path, but how do we want to contribute to society, to create a body of work to be proud of.

For the purposes of this piece, I’ll focus on that second question.

The students who were graduating that day were international students, so the question is even more pertinent to them than it would be for lifelong residents of Melbourne.

What would make them want to stay in Melbourne? These were business, accounting and marketing graduates: industries where we know (thanks to the City of Melbourne’s census of land use and employment data) in which employment numbers are continuing to increase. These are the future knowledge economy workers we want to attract and retain in Melbourne.

They can be attracted to Melbourne because we are a prosperous, sustainable, inclusive, multicultural city with good support systems and social services. We are also a city where people can enjoy themselves: we offer sporting blockbusters, world-class exhibitions and shows, cultural and family festivals and a thriving retail and culinary scene.

I read something recently in TimeOut magazine which filled me with great pride in our city: in its “most fun cities” index we came second. It was based on dynamism, inspiration, food and drink, community, sociability and affordability.

But it wasn’t this ranking in itself that was so pleasing. It was the fact that 74 per cent of Melburnians “strongly agreed” that they “loved” living here; more than any other city in the world. Melburnians were also more “inspired” than any other world city.

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Interesting article, read on...


Swept away by 'awesome' Melbourne, jealous Sydneysider offers to switch homes

APRIL 28 2017 - 3:22PM Ebony Bowden

World's most liveable city

The offer seemed too good to be true: a two-storey, six-bedroom Sydney home with a pool that the owner was willing to swap with anyone in Melbourne. He would even, he said, "trade for less".

Hidden in the bottom of the letters section of The Age on Wednesday, the offer came as part of a message telling Melburnians they didn't know how lucky they had it.

Grant Taylor was only half-joking about being willing to trade his house in Greystanes, 29 kilometres from Sydney's CBD.

After spending the Anzac Day long weekend in Melbourne – his first visit in 30 years – the Sydneysider was dumbfounded by the city's vibrant nightlife and free public transport.

"I'm not sure you Melbourne types fully realise what an awesome place you live in," the letter started.

"As a visitor last weekend from the Police State (formerly known as Sydney), I was almost in shock at the sight of all the people on the streets and the general friendly vibe."

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Seventh Heaven For The World’s Most Liveable City

16 August 2017

World's most liveable city

Melbourne has been named the World’s Most Liveable City for an incredible seventh-straight year.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Index ranks 140 of the world’s best cities and once again, Melbourne has come out on top – securing perfect scores for healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Melbourne pipped Vienna for the top ranking, and finished well above Sydney, which did not make the top ten.

Victoria has the best of everything and the Andrews Labor Government will continue investing in the things that matter to keep it that way.

We’re delivering the biggest pipeline of major transport projects in the country, building the Metro Tunnel, removing dangerous level crossings and delivering the vital second river crossing our road network needs.

Our world-class health care system is getting better and better, with new hospitals, more beds and improved facilities to provide the best care, close to home, when it’s needed most.

Every day new schools are being built, old classrooms are being upgraded and our kids are getting the best start in life in the Education State.

Our economy is strong, with more than 100,000 jobs created in Victoria in the last year alone – more than every other state and territory combined.

There’s a buzz about the city that keeps bringing the world’s best to enjoy Melbourne – the biggest exhibitions, the best events, world-renowned restaurants and all night public transport to get you home safe.



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Melbourne not just world's most liveable city, it's also the happiest: survey

JANUARY 31 2018 - 8:18PM

Melbourne's not just the world's most liveable city. It's also the happiest, a survey shows.

A poll of 15,000 people from 32 cities - including Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo and New York - showed the Victorian capital outranks its competitors for happiness, a Time Out City Life Index said.

Melbourne was also rated the world's fourth most exciting city behind New York, Porto and the winner, Chicago.

Meanwhile, Sydney came in at number 28.

The survey looked at anonymous data across seven categories: food and drink, culture, relationships and community, neighbourhoods, affordability, happiness and liveability.

It found 89 per cent of Melburnians enjoyed living in the city, and nine out of 10 reported feeling happy in the previous 24 hours.


 • Melbourne - happiest

  • Dubai - longest working hours

  • Washington - most singles on the dating scene

  • New York - best nightlife scene, most stressed

  • Paris - most sleep-deprived, most sex

  • Chicago - most exciting

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NBN improves livability!

World's most liveable city

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