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Windsor Hotel

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Text from A Short History of Melbourne Architecture

Windsor Hotel

137 Spring Street

1884-88  Charle Webb


The Windsor Hotel, with its twin French Empire towers and opulent interiors, is one of Australia’s most majestic 19th century hotels. Built with 200 rooms in 1884 and known as the Grand Hotel, it was extended for the Century Exhibition of 1888 to 360 rooms, and named the Grand Coffee Palace in the spirit of temperance of the time. It was renamed the Windsor Hotel in the 1920s.



Above, the Windsor Hotel then called the Grand Hotel was originally only half its size, as seen in this photograph from 1884.

Below, the entrance to the Windsor Hotel as it looked in 1888.



The larger building below.


Below, four postcards of the Windsor Hotel.


Inside the Windsor Hotel dining room.


Some of my own shots below.

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Renderings of the proposed redeveloment of the Windsor Hotel.

Approved twenty six level tower.

Images from The Age.

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The story of The Windsor Hotel


Chrystopher J. Spicer

Loch Haven Books

First published in 1993


Out of print


The Windsor Hotel is the Duchess of Melbourne’s hotels. A grand old lady, the Windsor maintains its commanding position – and reputation – with the well-bred haughtiness that comes from more than a hundred years of experience. Quite apart from her elegance, tradition and professional stature, the Windsor can also claim regal characteristics of another class. Not only is the hotel named after the British royal family, but by a strange twist of parliamentary process the hotel was, at one time, owned by the Queen.


This book is well researched, printed and presented, a pleasure to read.

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