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What happened to this forum??

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I'm sorry to say but I'm very confused. I challenge anyone to start at the base site and actually find their way to the forum. There is literally no indication of where to access it. What's the avenue to get here? This forum may as well have been deleted, because it basically doesn't exist anymore to anyone who didn't have it bookmarked.
What the heck happened to this website?
Everything is just that much worse than it was a year or two ago, I don't understand...

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The site was sold to new owners about two years ago; all the old forumers left when they realized the new site was turning into a developer-shill platform, which has no need for a forum, hence why it has been effectively hidden.

Everyone went back to www.skyscrapercity.com, including the guys who founded the original version of this site.

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In short, it turned from a site for urban planners into a site for real-estate agents.

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