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Using the Urban.com.au forum

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The entire Urban.com.au site runs on a Drupal platform and we're using the Advanced Forum module.

Many people will be familiar with a vBulletin style forum - there are similarities with Drupal forums - however Drupal forums are leaner and have less bells and whistles that get in the way.

When you go to the urban.melbourne/forum mainpage you will see four small tabs just under the "Forums" header, they are: "View Forums", "Active Topics" (threads getting the most hits/replies), "Unanswered Topics" (topics that have had posts in them since you saw/posted last) and "New and Updated Topics" (displays everything that is new and updated in a date descending (newest first) order).

The default is View Forums: which displays the forum hierarchy, just like a vBulletin forum. The other three tabs add quick and lean functionality if you're looking for anything specific and don't really want to browse everything subforum.

When you click on any of the other three tabs, by default it will show you everything with that criteria, you can further drill down to only show specific Active, Unanswered or New/Updated topic - i.e. select Projects and Construction and apply and you'll see specific Active, Unanswered or New/Updated topics in Projects & Construction only.

If you wish to add an avatar, scroll to the bottom of the page, in the right most section there is a "My Account" link and you can upload one there - as well as optionally add a display name (First and Surname fields) - note: you always use your username or e-mail address to log in, these two fields simply override the display of your user account and nothing more.

If you're viewing this as a logged out user, you're free to register an account at any time here: urban.melbourne/user/register

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