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To the creators of Urban.com.au

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Hi guys, I’m very pleased to be able to make my first post here one of congratulations and encouragement to those of you who have obviously worked hard to get this site up and running, my first look here reveals something that holds great promise and possibilities. I love the scope and depth of what you are trying to achieve, I suspect that in time you will capture the attention of the many ‘melburbanists’ that are out there that, until now, did not have a gathering place of this quality to discuss, debate and dream about the extraordinary development of this extraordinary city.
Congratulations and goodluck!

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I speak for everyone when i say thanks for the kind words

One of the purposes of creating this website is that it gives an official means by which to speak to organisations - architects, developers, government etc, not so much available with ozscrapers etc.

Also once things settle down we'd like to make the website more accessible to readers, anyone for instance who things they can contribute an article will be able to do so - as long as it makes it past the cranky editor - but yes, much more to come.


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by cranky editor he means himself by the way ;)

thanks for the kind words Dangerous Beans, and as Mark said, we'll be opening up the editorial/content side to anyone who's got something to so say about Melbourne - taking any suggestions/interest now actually. You can use the contact form in the site's footer or just email directly to me.

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