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The Weather Channel

Discuss the weather here, if you wanna! Dark clouds over Goulburn NSW as I speak... I hear its a bit wild and woolly in Melbourne.

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went from looking like DOOM to rain, then to sunshine... Autum at its finest.

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Looks like this week is the last week of warmth until winter sets in.......

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If only Mark would give me my camera back, I'd go do some photo tours....

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of what, clouds?

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Not going to be many cloud this week.

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I heard today that it was the coldest morning in 11 years! Hope everyone had their thermal undies on!

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The last summer we had was definitely the coolest I have experienced since moving into the city almost 10 years ago, we didn't even use the air conditioner once!

Our ample sized north facing terrace has been blessed with abundant healthy growth in all our potted plants.

In the previous years we've lost plants from excessive heat, but not this time, they all received just the right amount of everything they needed.smiley

Even our street trees have shown no new dry dead branches!

Anyone else experience something similar?

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I think of the summer just gone as an average one, a summer I remember from childhood, not a 'cool' summer, it just didn't have the extremes like we have the past few years.

I grew up about 200m above sea level so it was always different (However slight) to people who grew up in the city proper, but I always remember it was 1 average/cool summer to 2 hot/extreme summers.

And more recently people have been whinging about the up and down temperatures of March/April..... it's autumn, it's always up and down!

Maybe I'm just getting old.