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Sydney - Barangaroo - Crown Casino Tower

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Packer has been given the green light to build his new casino/hotel at Barangaroo:




What do people think of the tower design? Will it become a Sydney icon? I think it looks quite good; would be happy to see it built in Melbourne.


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Yeah I like it, but I liked one of the other designs a bit more. Can't remember who designed it though. Not sure whether it would be suited to the Melbourne skyline, but definitely sits nicely there in barangaroo.

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Fits in well with Sydney Opera House and Aurora Place, Like it a lot! yes

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Lot's of work happening around the site based on observation on Thursday.

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This tower will be a good addition for Sydney, but as an icon on the level of the SHB and SOH it won't be. That just a bit of spin James Packer would love people to buy into.

The overall scheme for Barangaroo looks great in the past with the hotel on the pier, but this taking up parkland and an overall reworking of the parts that I thought wwre its best assets have lost its value to me.

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The architects of James Packer's proposed $1.3 billion hotel and casino resort at Barangaroo say they would not be overly concerned if NSW authorities require a reduction in height of the tower to below 270 metres.
Mr Packer's company, Crown Sydney, has yet to lodge a development application for the project, which at a proposed 270 metres would significantly breach the 170 metre height limit for a hotel at Barangaroo.
It would also exceed the 235 metre limit for residential and commercial skyscrapers in the Sydney central business district, although this does not apply to Barangaroo.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/architects-of-james-packers-planned-barangaroo...

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This is now Under Construction. Prep is well underway, Should start rising sometime early next year.

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