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This project has been dead for a while.

From May 2018:

More than 15 months after the Victorian government gave conditional planning approval for the colossal One Queensbridge Tower project, in Melbourne’s Southbank precinct, Fairfax Media has confirmed that James Packer’s Crown Resorts and its joint-venture partner, Schiavello Group, are yet to submit key planning documents or initiate the process of negotiating preliminary approvals with council.

Neither Melbourne City Council nor Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s department has received mandatory updated plans, requested in early 2017, to get the vast project under way before the deadline that requires work to start by February.

So, they ignored DEWLP and MCC mandatory plan updates during 2018.
And it seems Crown/Schiavello only half-heartedly tried to get a permit extension.
Me thinks they want the current proposal to die.

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When the time is right they’ll resubmit - the plot is too valuable to Crown long term to expand the casino just have to wait till the casino market is back on the up ..

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Yes, I agree with you Adrian. The plot of land is prime Southbank, about as prime as it gets. Crown would be mad to bail completely.

I don't believe Crown/Schiavello will resubmit the current scheme. My feeling is that it will be downscaled, hopefully girth wise only, but keep the landmark height.

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