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They should begin by liaising with VicRoads and starting to remove the unnecessary slip lanes around the precinct and giving them over to expanded footpaths, rationalizing some of the road infrastructure and getting on with that City Rd park they've been harping on about for over a decade.

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Its mainly because they are often just furthering their own agenda at the expense of any real value for the city. For them, it is far easier to blame everything on height it seems, which then removes the need for them to consider design, visual appeal and functionality of the streetscape, which are all areas they can actually assist with.

Working together with govt agencies, instead of just trying to oppose, should be key for the CoM. That would be a great first step.

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The design looks nice, the podium needs work and should be somewhat activated along the street for a section of it (wide site) and that bridge is pretty bad. That is a fantasy bridge, the glass will be somewhat reflective, there will be signs and more supports.

Plus it is pretty low in the scheme of things. The other crown footbridges (even the one at WTC) are pretty chunky and obtrusive from street level.

Make crown contribute to street works and either detail a properly rendered bridge with the correct materials and placements it would have (wire guards for the trams, lacking in the render) in real life and try again with the street level.

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Some deets:

* 308 metre tower
* 400 room hotel
* 626 apartments
* 1,165 car parks
* 211,827 square metres gross floor area
* Aero bridge to Crown

SOUTHBANK | One Queensbridge Street | 1-23 Queensbridge Street | 323m | 90L | Residential SOUTHBANK | One Queensbridge Street | 1-23 Queensbridge Street | 323m | 90L | Residential

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what's the width on that thing? FWP residents won't be seeing the sun after lunch

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The setbacks are an improvement - overall this is a better outcome for surrounding residents' amenity than if the Falls and QBT were to go ahead. It gives those those towers some breathing space.

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Extra height and aero bridge traded for significantly greater setbacks sounds like a good trade off.

Is it 308m above ground?

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Spot on. The Third World-like rails and wire fences detract from the billion dollar scenery. How something so simple is ignored is beyond me. You drive to the city from the South East and it's nothing but rusty/decrepit/unpainted barriers; you drive under the dank casino overpass and you see boring wire fences (rather than bright lights filled with advertising boards); you drive out and you see more wire fences and unmaintained barriers badly in need of repair and or paint.

These eyesores are so simple to fix and represent a blight on our city. But the people who can make a difference seem to spend all their time finding new ways to disparage high rise buildings, even when they are done really well.

Rant over.

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As it's an amended application with improvements, hopefully it won't take 5-6 months to be approved.

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Looks like it is 77 metres wide. With 211,827 square metres of gross floor area it will be the largest skyscraper in Australia.

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Setbacks are 12m from Freshwater and 16m from Prima.

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Mark Baljak wrote on Tue, 15/07/2014 - 06:54

what's the width on that thing? FWP residents won't be seeing the sun after lunch

More space than the previous proposal with only one section coming to the same distance, more north-western gaps to let in the sun in the afternoons.

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Just a mockup. I based the heights off of FWP and Prima Pearl because they flank the Queensbridge Tower site. I ignored Eureka because it is farther away so it wouldn't be too accurate in this case.

The difference between FWP and Pearl is 49 meters so I added a guide the same distance above the top of the corebox and added the height of two of Pearls floor plates which should be roughly 5 meters to bring it to 308m. This is just a guesstimate though, I could be a meter or two out either way.

I just guessed the width, it may be slightly thinner from this view (South East. Chadstone Carpark) than what I've put down and it may eclipse a fragment of FWP.
SOUTHBANK | One Queensbridge Street | 1-23 Queensbridge Street | 323m | 90L | Residential

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nice work!

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This tower will have 50% more floor space than Eureka Tower. Massive building.

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Make it thinner and lose that strip down down the centre and it will be a stunner. These two "fixes" will make a bulky tower transform into something more graceful and classy.

Lover of all things fabulous and Editor of http://oh-yes-melbourne.tumblr.com

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The strip down the centre is for glass elevator, which would be an awesome ride.

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Crown Resorts press release:


MELBOURNE: Crown Resorts Limited (ASX: CWN) announced today that it has agreed to acquire an
interest in four adjoining parcels of land in Queensbridge Street, Southbank, Victoria, which are opposite the
Crown Melbourne Integrated Resort.
The land is controlled by the Schiavello Group and Crown has agreed to an initial investment of $50 million to
participate in the joint development of the project with Schiavello.
Crown and the Schiavello Group are in the process of negotiating joint venture arrangements and finalising
designs to develop and construct a new luxury five-star hotel and apartment complex on the land. It has been
agreed in principle that Crown has the right to acquire and manage the hotel on completion and that the
Schiavello Group has the right to acquire an office and showroom area within the complex. The parties will
share the apartment development 50:50. It is not intended that any gaming operations will be conducted in
the new building.
The final development remains subject to negotiation of a final joint venture agreement, financing
arrangements and a construction contract with a builder as well as planning and other government approvals.
Crown Resorts’ Chairman, Mr James Packer, said:
“This project will create hundreds of additional hospitality and tourism jobs and training opportunities and it
demonstrates Crown’s confidence in Melbourne as a world-class tourism destination.”
"While Crown continues its domestic and global expansion, Crown Melbourne remains our flagship resort and
this project will ensure it remains the best integrated resort in Australia and amongst the best in the world.”
“Crown Melbourne's success in attracting international and interstate tourists is highlighted by the occupancy
levels at our three hotels, which are consistently over 90 per cent. This demonstrates an urgent need for more
hotel capacity at Crown Melbourne to meet both current and future demand. A new luxury Crown managed
hotel will assist Melbourne to attract more high net worth tourists and reinforce Melbourne’s appeal as a
destination for important international conferences, sporting and cultural events.”
On the partnership with Schiavello, Mr Packer said:
“Crown has had a long-standing relationship with the Schiavello Group. I am delighted to be working with
them on this important project that will deliver jobs, taxes and economic activity for the City of Melbourne and
the people of Victoria.”
Schiavello Group Chairman, Mr Tony Schiavello, said:
“I am delighted to partner with Crown Resorts to jointly create a world-class asset for the City of Melbourne.”
“Schiavello Group is focused on quality in everything we do. Once completed this project will become an
iconic example of an integrated hotel and apartment complex, with premium quality leisure and hospitality
facilities, and wonderfully positioned for easy access to Melbourne’s finest entertainment, cultural, sporting,
shopping and leisure venues.”
“Schiavello Group has been proudly doing business in Melbourne for almost 50 years and I cannot think of a
better way to memorialise this important milestone for our company than starting construction on what I
believe will be an iconic addition to our city. The construction phase of the project will create full time employment for an estimated 1,000 people on site with close to 1,000 more indirect jobs working off-site
supplying materials and services to the project. As a top 100 Australian company, we are proud to be part of
Victoria’s growth story.”

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Wooo I'd call that the green light !!!

I wonder if we'll see a redesign at all - either way can't wait for the release .. about time they changed the signs on the Prima display suite at QBH :-P

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My best mate is the national development manager at Poliform and he told me that they are already bidding to do the fit-outs for both the hotel and the apartments.

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New plans submitted in November have had the setbacks increased to Freshwater Place

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New plans submitted in November have had the setbacks increased to Freshwater Place

And the height, shape etc. in these new plans ?

Anyone had access to a copy of these new plans - and will they change even now again that Crown has formally signed on ?

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Hoping to have some more information by the end of this week

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That would be great - and if you do get it, try to confirm the exact height above ground if you can ie. not RL :-)

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