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SOUTHBANK | Melbourne Square | 93-119 Kavanagh Street | Multi Tower | Mixed Use

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Six more skyscrapers for Southbank under Malaysian developer's plans

A vast Southbank car park the size of the MCG will be transformed into a citadel of apartments, hotels and commercial office towers under final plans put forward by a Malaysian developer.

The two-hectare block bound by the Westgate Freeway, Kavanagh, Balston and Power streets will have four residential towers (up to 226 metres), a commercial office and multi-storey hotel, if approved by Planning Minister Richard Wynne.

More than 2600 apartments will be built in the complex, along with a 621-room hotel, in a billion-dollar project that listed Malaysian group PD Development Holdings expects to begin work on as soon as permits are granted.

The company has listed construction of a 145-metre strata-titled commercial office tower, supermarket, childcare centre, gym and shops as an early priority.

The city-sized block is the largest undeveloped site in Southbank, a locality south of the Yarra River where at least three similar-sized towers are under construction and another seven skyscrapers have been given planning approval.

The four residential towers, located near the ventilation stack and exit of the City Link road tunnel, will form the final leg of a great wall of skyscrapers hugging the West Gate Freeway along the Southbank's southern boundary.

The developer's plans suggest 17 per cent of the site will be made into public open space.

They also reveal the supermarket and shops will be built partially underground at the base of one of the towers, partly covered by a raised "amphitheatre" garden bed.


Malaysian developer plans massive 6-tower Southbank project

Kuala Lumpur-listed developer PJ Development has lodged one of the largest single development proposals ever put to the state's planning authorities, with a $1.5 billion plan for a 6-tower project in Melbourne's Southbank.

Last June the Malaysian developer paid a record $145 million to acquire a two-hectare city fringe car-park site at 93-119 Kavanagh Street site from interests associated with the Mario Lo Giudice's Banco Group.

The proposal for the site is just as staggering, with six towers clustered around a large open realm, on the south bank of the Yarra River, opposite the CBD.

The plan includes four residential towers comprising 2610 apartments. There is a 621-rooom hotel planned, along with a 52,000 square metre strata office tower.

The towers range in height from 30 levels to 65 levels, with the tallest being 226 metres.

Designed by Cox Architecture, the project includes 3525sq m of open space, along with rooftop gardens and a swimming pool atop one tower.

Controlled by one of Malaysia's richest men, Ong Leong Huat, Pj Development joins a growing list of Malaysian developers getting active in the Melbourne market.

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Melbourne's Lord Mayor wants more apartment buildings and hotels in the city but thinks it might be time to slow down development in Southbank.

Robert Doyle says there is a growing need for apartments with more professionals choosing to live close to work.

But he's wary of Southbank becoming the "echidna" of the city with towers shooting up every which way.

Hotel occupancy rates are through the roof, highlighting a need for new hotels, he says.

A proposal for a six-tower $1.5 billion development in Kavanagh Street that includes a 620-room hotel, office tower and 2610 units is expected to be presented to the council in coming months.

"We'll have a look at it when it comes along, but it's probably time to slow down a bit in Southbank," Mr Doyle told ABC radio on Wednesday.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/aap/article-3127330/Vic-development-OK-...

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^^ defenition of flippant comment

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The office tower with childcare facility has to be built at the very least.

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Massive waste of Melbourne's best tallest supertall opportunity (320m+) that would have no grounds to be opposed (shadowing etc) on this site if it only goes to 226m.

As for Doyle - what a f'n cock he is. Slowdown ?? The site has been vacant for a millennia it's gotta get filled eventually so you either want it to be low-rise or high-rise but what the hell difference does it make if it gets built now or in 50 years ? If it can be built now why the hell not !

Makes me wanna go postal the council does ..

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Strata office would be very attractive in SOuhtbank I imagine.

lots of wealthy professionals likely in industries who could set up small businesses with their own white collar skills who'd probably be quite happy to work from an office closer to home.

Would be great if this site was developed with the option of building over the freeway in mind (eg. over the freeway and ramps between the Power Street bridge and Kings Way off ramp)

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Where are these scale models located, MCC or elsewhere?

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au

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Monash Uni.

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Thanks Laurence.

Can anyone gain access to them, or are they just for Monash Uni's use exclusively?

I'm wondering whether all planners, developers, engineers and architects use these models to asses their designs.

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au

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Council supports the master plan.

Building heights up to 226m (AHD) - obviously they're not bothering to go above OLS.


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That appears to be a HUGE project. Even bigger than Queens Place (Cox architecture involved in both). A couple of billion dollars for sure.

It is currently a rubbish part of Southbank. This plan will improve the area immensely and hide some of the CE crud.

Higher than OLS is not needed here. A108, Crown, 35 Power St and Elysium will take care of the tall needs.

Good plan. Hopefully it is real.

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It's bringing some life to a crap part of SB so 226 is fine by me.

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Image of a model of the site from the UM twitter: https://twitter.com/UrbanMelbourne/status/672262288976416768/photo/1

Glad we'll have some nice buildings fronting the freeway, instead of Marco and Grande etc.

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This is the type of development that we should be applauding and advocating: great urban landscape; public open space; excellent design; and careful consideration of the public realm.

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Approved by Council last night.

Tallest tower 72 levels according to the article:


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New Southbank precinct to house 2600 units in four high rise towers

A $1B precinct, featuring six towers with apartments, a hotel and supermarket, has been approved for Southbank under new planning rules.

The project will be the size of the MCG and include laneways, a public square, a 2770sq m park and a childcare centre.

Currently a carpark, the Kavanagh St site is bounded by the West Gate Freeway, Power and Baston streets.

It will have more than 2600 units in four towers, a commercial building and a 687-room hotel and serviced apartment tower with heights ranging from 145m to 226m.


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Fantastic news.

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And will hide the hideous side of Marco to boot

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And it will also hide some CE crud as well.

Win, win, win and win.

This is not a $1.15 billion development, no way for SIX towers.

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Landmark Project Approved For Southbank

24 December 2015

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has approved a new six tower project on Kavanagh Street Southbank, which will deliver more than $1 billion in construction and jobs in the inner city.

The latest approval brings the total investment for CBD major projects approved by Mr Wynne to more than $5 billion, a record year for the inner city.

The approval for Kavanagh Park includes a commercial tower with almost 60,000 square metres of office space and a hotel and serviced apartment tower which will have 687 rooms.

Four apartment towers with 2610 apartments and a childcare centre will also built on the site, which is currently used as a car park.

There will also be a supermarket, shops and a food court with hawker-style stalls, taking total retail space to more than 10,000 square metres.

More than 1000 bicycle spaces have been included as well as 894 car parks and the site is close to several tram lines. Open space will include laneways, a 2770 square-metre park and a large public square.

The developer changed original plans, submitted earlier this year, to comply with the Andrews Labor Government’s interim CBD controls introduced in June. The controls are ensuring that inner-city developments are liveable and healthy homes for Victorians.

Design changes included widening setbacks and changing building angles to minimise overshadowing. The six towers will range from 145 metres to 226 metres high with rooftop gardens.

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au

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Found this in the developers annual report from March this year

If only...

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Looks very mainland. But it has resi, hotel and office. I'm okay with it.

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Blots basically an entire row of CE gobshite from the skyline. I'm pretty OK with that. Erect an eighty storey shower screen if you want.

And I hope vertical Mini dealership is more than just wishful thinking ...

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