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SOUTHBANK | 57 Haig Street | 47L | 155m | Residential

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- 39 levels high
- 120m high.
- Architects: Bruce Henderson Architects
- 249 one and two bedroom apartments.
- 143 car parking spaces
- One ground floor retail tenancy.
- Apartments on all upper levels of the podium facing Haig Street.
- Vehicular access from the rear laneway (Blakeney Place)

Unusually for a development in Southbank this proposal includes four levels of basement car parking in addition to three levels of above ground car parking in the podium.

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fixed pics!

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hahaha there goes one of this weeks news articles - i really like this proposal

a block concept for next doors site

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Renders look pretty good and it address the street way better than tiara does. The quality of external finishes will be critical to the final look of this one, but it's good too see that Bruce Henderson can do more than just play around with precast.

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So the right hand tall is a concept ?
Still, the middle tower looks to tower over Clarendon Towers so its good for some good height variations, even better if the one on the right goes up.

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Hopefully double glazing will be the norm judging by its closeness to the freeway.

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Approved according to Planning Minister media release

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i thought this was approved ages ago

for convenience

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2012010161A - 17/10/2014

Increase in overall height of building to accomodate replacement of basement parking with above ground parking

Demolition of the existing building and construction of a multi-storey building comprising residential apartments and a ground floor commercial tenancy

Meydan Group are the developer

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I thought it was unusual that this proposal included four levels basement car parking.

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and today next door gets advertised

65-71 Haig Street Southbank
Demolition and construction of a mixed use building comprising residential apartments, ground floor retail and associated car parking
Sunvale Development Pty Ltd c/- Urbis Pty Ltd

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looks like a total redesign

Up by the West Gate

The owners of a development site abutting the West Gate Freeway have reapplied to Mr Guy to make an approved project bigger.
It is now hoped 57 Haig Street will make way for a 52-level building, which is up 13 levels on an earlier proposal. The new complex would include 248 flats and 171 car-park bays and a small commercial area.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/property/developer-michael-yates-reveals-...

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L10 amenity

most common floor plan



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Meets council's preferred height limit. Should get the tick from them.

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How wrong my last post was.

CoM have asked Wynne to reject this one.

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Councillors reject ‘strange’ application

12 Jun 2015

City of Melbourne councillors have unanimously voted to recommend against a proposal for a 45-storey tower at 57-59 Haig St in Southbank.
The planning referral went before council at the Future Melbourne Committee meeting on June 2, with Cr Stephen Mayne labeling the application as “strange”.
The City of Melbourne had issued a permit to developer Meydan Group back in 2012 for a 122 metre, 39-storey development with conditions, as the building would have exceeded the area’s 100 metre discretionary height limit.
Despite holding the permit to build, the developer has since submitted an amended application to the Planning Minister for a 155 metre tower seeking to add eight storeys.

However, according to the council officers’ planning report, the applicant had met with planning officers and prepared plans for discussion, which reduced the height of the building back to 145 metres and 45-storeys.
The report stated that the reduction was principally achieved by reducing the height of the podium of the building to 20 metres.
Cr Mayne provided a damning assessment of the application and said he had his “fingers crossed” that the Planning Minister would reject the development.


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guess they got the taller outcome approved

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I really hope not. Pretty ordinary design. Surely we can do better than that in this city.

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This looks awful. Literally no effort was made to make this look good.

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Out of curiosity, could someone shed some light on the COM design guide lines? Like how does this or something like Fulton Lane towers get the green light to go up? A blight on our city scape for generations

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Can't put Fulton Lane in this category of design

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