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SOUTHBANK | 252-260 City Rd | 62L | 193m | Residential

439 apartments
Hayball Architects & Apex Vic Pty Ltd

Not too bad at all, for a change Hayball haven't thrown precast all over it

some Blockhead knowhow

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Really liking this one. Nice to see something different to give some variation in height down that area of City Road. Great renders too ;)

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Thanks. Very exciting new proposal and great renders. That area promises to become so dense - haven't heard anything about the Kings Furniture corner site proposal there for a while.

onwards and upwards

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Anybody know why this one has not been approved yet?

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there may be another planning application next door soon which may make life hard for this one - could be the reason. more on tuesday

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Nice, kind of reminds me alittle of that planned supertall in parra but more classy and to scale.

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This one is going up to the CoM Council meeting tonight and is recommended for approval.

Looks like it is 193.3m high as ground level at the entrance is only 0.8AHD! 61 levels including ground floor.

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double green light

That the Future Melbourne Committee advises the Minister for Planning that Council supports the planning application subject to the inclusion of the recommended conditions contained within Attachment 4 of the delegate report from management.

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Sounds promising for now .

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Approved! - Construction likely to start next year...

Southbank to hit the heights with new skyscraper

October 29, 2013 - 5:05PM

Toni Brient

A new 193-metre skyscraper has been given the green light for Southbank after being signed off by Planning Minister Matthew Guy as a "tower of investment". Mr Guy said the new tower “will help transform a currently underutilised site in central Southbank”. The tower is at the maximum height recommended for the site and comes at a time of growing concern about the number of skyscrapers approved in the city centre. The 61-storey apartment building is expected to house around 600 residents in addition to shared recreational facilities like car and bicycle spaces, a gym and a barbecue area. It will also boast café, restaurant and retail spaces at street level. Read More: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/southbank-to-hit-the-heights-with-new-...

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Looks good, especially if the glass is multi-coloured like that illustrates :)

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New high-rise to be home to 600 people


A 61-storey apartment tower has been approved for Melbourne unit hotspot Southbank, a kilometre south of the city’s CBD.

Chinese-backed group Apex Vic lodged plans for the $120 million project, at 256-260 City Road, in 2012.

It was the first Melbourne project from the group, which was little-known around Melbourne property circles.

Victorian planning minister ­Matthew Guy announced the approval on Tuesday and said it would boost ­economic investment and livability in ­the central area.

The project was designed by Hayball Architects and would have 431 one and two-bedroom apartments, 104 car spaces and 215 bicycle spaces.

It would be home to about 600 ­people when it is finished in 2017. Construction of the 191-metre high building was expected to begin next year.

Mr Guy said each tower in the ­central city took development pressure off Melbourne’s middle suburbs and the development would help transform an under-used site.

The site at 256-260 City Road was near the corner of Kings Way and was in an area of mid to low-rise commercial properties.

Southbank’s zoning had encouraged developers to propose and build some of the city’s highest residential towers. The most lucrative sites were those on the Yarra river bank.

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sorry all, just a clean-up

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Planning uncertainty puts heat in City Road development sites

New planning rules requiring minimum setbacks and plot ratios on city development sites may be driving up the value of land with existing permits, agents suggest.
A landowner south of the Yarra River with an existing planning permit has cashed in on a Southbank development site for $27 million after the state government's surprise introduction of new rules curbing skyscrapers ahead of a year-long central city planning review.
The off-market deal was negotiated by Lemon Baxter's Jonathan Walls and Richard Hutton.
The two-level office and showroom which returns a holding income of $380,000 per annum has approvals for a 60-level structure with 431 apartments
It sits on a 1265-square-metre site at 256-260 City Road that was one of the few remaining substantial development blocks on a strip dominated by developers Central Equity and the Salvo Group.
Another similar-sized landholding nearby across three adjoining lots between 268-274 City Road sold to Central Equity in May for $21 million without a permit in a campaign managed by Conquest Estate Agency.
Central Equity has since applied to Planning Minister Richard Wynne for a 60-level structure on the site which currently includes a collection of warehouses, one of which is leased to the Fabrique nightclub.
Mr Walls said the purchaser, an Asian-backed development group, had no immediate plans to develop the Hayball-designed apartments.
"The price reflects the value of a permit especially in the current market where changes and uncertainty have led to a reluctance from developers to take on the planning risk, especially when it comes to high rise developments," Mr Walls said.
City Road is fast becoming Melbourne's most active development strip.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/property/planning-uncertainty-puts-hea...

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Been a good couple of days.

Situated in the heart of our busiest tourist destination, 258 City Road is Melbourne’s new icon to style and excellence.

Developed with industry leaders Probuild and Bella Charlton, this impeccably finished luxury apartment tower includes 12 levels of penthouses, and 130 serviced apartments managed by the world renowned Pan Pacific Hotels group.

With Crown Casino and Southbank’s famous riverside restaurants just a promenade away, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in prestige and position – and live where the sky’s the limit!

Lodge your Expression of Interest with Bella Charlton

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Hopefully goes a little better than The Altus in Docklands

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Same developers?

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Is Altus dead, then??

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Is this real? Surely not

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Project marketing set for the end of Feb at this stage, a very nice design in its entirety

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It's Eureka's little sister - any chance this is FK?

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I like it a lot, lot more than the Poos and Wees (Hawthorn) guernsey looking original design.

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Podium looks alright but in worried about this one brig a case of the render being better than reality.
I will be surprised if there are zero big strips of blank concrete or dull, cheap facade materials used.