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Shipping container skyscrapers

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Shipping container skyscrapers aim to solve overcrowding in India

Aug 22, 2015 Madeleine Wedesweiler

Shipping container skyscrapers

If they get built, these shipping container towers would provide housing to over 1500 families in India's slums.

Photo: CRG Architects

A Spanish architecture firm has proposed a solution to overcrowding in Mumbai's Dharavi​ slums, one of the largest and most crowded  ghettos in the world.  

The building materials may be familiar; we've seen shipping container houses before, so the natural progression would be a whole skyscraper of the boxes.

The 'Containscraper' is two shipping container towers designed by Spanish architecture firm CRG. They say:

"The irregular shape of the site gives us total freedom to design."

If built, one structure would tower 400 metres over Mumbai and the adjacent tower would be 200 metres high.

Together they would comprise 2,500 recycled shipping containers and provide affordable accommodation for more than 1500 families.

Shipping container skyscrapers


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