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PTV Station Patronage Data

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Public Transport Victoria (PTV) today released the station patronage data for Melbourne’s rail network.


Some interesting stats:

Weekday patronage for Melbourne Central fell by 5000 from 2010-11 to 2011-12, whilst Parliament and Flagstaff had only modest gains. However Flinders recorded a gain of 6000. Probably a result of the reconfiguration of the network where not all trains run through the loop anymore.

Footscray had almost 15,000 weekday boardings, up by about 1500; this number will only grow upon the completion of the RRL. This makes it the most popular station outside of the CBD - totally justifying the amount of high density development going on there!

Along with Footscray, fellow CADs Frankston, Dandenong and Box Hill all finished in the top 15, making the decisions to designate them as CADs a more than sensible one.

On the downside, development hotspot Brunswick did not fare so well, with Brunswick station having 904 (down 90, rank 176), Anstey (1144, down 88, rank 147) and Jewell (1511, down 71, rank 120) recorded modest results. Though the somewhat lower frequencies of the Upfield line, as well as good tram links, probably played a large role here.

Of the new stations, Cardinia Rd (767, rank 186) and Lynbrook (1033, rank 160) were quite low for so called 'growth areas', showing they are still quite car dependant. South Morang faired better (2356, rank 78), though its on the end of the line, with many people driving from Mernda and further North. So it hasnt exactly got people out of their cars! Will be interesting to see the stats for Williams Landing next year.

Williamstown (409, rank 198) is a real worry, with Altona (962, down 340, rank 167) even worse, perhaps suffering the most from network changes. Both lines must now change at Newport, and again at North Melbourne for a loop train. I think both lines are candidates for conversion to light rail, but thats a article for another day...

North Melbourne has seen massive growth (4718, rank 27), up 755 from the previous year, and up 2295 from 2008/09! Not sure what has driven growth that big, but the changes to Altona and Williamstown mentioned above have obviously contributed.

And lucky last is Wattle Glen (199, rank 204). Quite low, but still better than the 8 passengers a day General Motors Station was getting before it closed!

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Thanks for the summary Martin. Really interesting. Cheers.

Observe. Design. Build. Live.

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So much to analyse, so little time.

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Direct link to the excel from the PTV presser Martin linked to: http://ptv.vic.gov.au/assets/PDFs/Random/Station-by-station-patronage-da...

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