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This sub-forum is directly connected to the project database

For projects that we deem will require its own thread (note: there's no hard and fast rule, if a small project garners a lot of posts, we can separate posts into their own thread) they will have one in here, otherwise, we've grouped projects by the Suburb + postcode they reside in.

Want to find a specific project? Start with the project database - if you know the suburb of the project, type it in the address field, all matching items will appear. If you dont know the suburb but know the Local Government Area (LGA) select the LGA from the drop down - we break City of Melbourne down into further recognisable precincts (Southbank, CBD West End, CBD East End, Docklands etc). You know the developer? Start typing the developer in the field provided and hit Start Search. You know the architect? Start typing the architect in the field provided and hit Start Search.

Over time we'll bring the project database information to view in this Projects & Construction forum - stay tuned, it's a relatively high priority project, but might take some time.


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(edited your post to fix the links!)

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this is a good post.

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