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North-South Link Between The Eastern And The Monash Freeways

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I’m of the opinion that the North East Link Project will significantly increase congestion on popular traffic routes such as Princess St through Kew (Chandler Hwy Exit), on top of the added congestion to the Hoddle St corridor. The North-East Link will take thousands of cars off northern and north-eastern suburb's local roads per day. But not all vehicles will be using this tollway to access the East Link tollway and vise versa. Hence, in my opinion, the North-East Link will significantly increase traffic on local roads in the inner eastern and eastern suburbs.

I believe that a possible solution to this problem would be to build a tunnel link that connects the Eastern Fwy at Chandler Rd with the Monash Fwy where the Yarra River bends. Or perhaps there is a better route option. Either way it would be a north-south link. Obviously, it will be a tolled road. It doesn't have to be done tomorrow, but it would be good in the long term.

On top of solving problems created by the North-East Link, a tunnel connecting the Eastern Fwy with the Monash Fwy may be just what's needed to bring a good business case to the proposed shovel ready East-West Link, or at least make the project feasible. Take an aerial view of Melbourne's freeway system. Notice the obvious gaps. Contrast this with say LA or neighbouring San Jose.

The North-East Link combined with the six billion dollar Stage One of the East-West Link, then combined with a north-south link between the Eastern Fwy and the Monash Fwy would see Melbourne's freeway network working as it should.

Additionally, an east-west link together with a north-south link would create a perfect rectangular inner ring road. Best of all, all of this could be the basis for a Rapid Transit Bus Network operating around Melbourne.

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