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North East Road Link

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Now that the rout has been selected, thought it should have its own thread. In a week when we saw the Libs laughable policy to build virtual freeways all through inner and surburban Melbourne, we now see the government confirm the route for the North East Boondoggle. Not only will this just put more cars on the road, it will have serious impacts on parkland and schools. Its like we are competing with Sydney for the title of the most pointless road project.


Clearly Option A is the cheapest, but also the most damaging. Thoughts?


North East Road Link



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Preferred North East Link slammed by Banyule mayor


November 22, 2017 6:05am


A PREFERRED route, which will increase the cost of the North East Link, has been chosen by an Andrews Government Cabinet subcommittee.

The chosen route will cost between $10 billion and $13 billion to build, will run through three electorates and require dozens of homes and businesses to be acquired.


It is expected to be officially announced as the preferred route immediately after being ticked off by Cabinet on Monday afternoon.

It is also understood the project would be accompanied with compensation for school and community groups in ­Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s seat of Bulleen.

The preferred route, known as option A, was one of four being considered by the subcommittee.

It is the cheapest and most direct way to join the M80 in Greensborough to the Eastern Freeway, but the decision is likely to spark heated discussion about whether the dumped East West Link needs to be revisited.





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North East Link fast tracked in Victorian budget

1:08pm Apr 15, 2018


North East link fast tracked


Up to 140 businesses and 75 homes in Melbourne's northeast could be compulsorily acquired to build a road if the Andrews Government wins the next election.

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a $110 million allocation in the budget to plan and design the North East Link, to put the project out to market within the first 100 days if re-elected.

The premier described the project as "critically important". (Victorian Government)

"This really is a critically important project and only a re-elected Labor government will deliver the North East Link," he told reporters in Greensborough today.

"Without any doubt, this is the most important road project and the biggest road project in our state. This is all about making sure local roads are for local residents."

The 26km North East Link will cost at least $16.5 billion and will connect the ring road in Greensborough, through Watsonia and Rosanna before connecting to the Eastern Freeway in Bulleen.




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[Grumble grumble] Where's the detail on the Doncaster BRT? [/grumble grumble]

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preliminary scoping study to be completed by 2024

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Like you can see in that 9 news article, busways been pushed out of the median and now around the outside.

Other than the obvious logic of splitting carriageways in two (one is for express journeys, one for local) - is there any other logic in the 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 lane layout split?

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Designs Unveiled For Victoria’s Biggest Road Project

9 September 2018

North East Road Link
An artist's impression of the North East Link at Doncaster.

The Andrews Labor Government today unveiled detailed designs for the North East Link – giving Victorians their first look at the state’s biggest ever road project.

With the reference design for the $15.8 billion project now complete, procurement can start under a re-elected Andrews Labor Government.

Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan to unveil new 3D videos, images and maps of the mega project that will be on display across the north eastern suburbs over coming weeks.

In response to community feedback, the new design features more open space with new green bridges, a new noise standard and 25 kilometres of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths.

The twin three lane tunnels are now 5.3 kilometres long protecting homes and environmentally sensitive parkland above, with the ventilation structures as far away from homes as possible.

The design features 1.2 kilometres of lowered road to minimise the visual impact and create more open spaces with green land bridges.

North East Link will also be built to a noise standard of 63 decibels, with better noise walls – standing alongside the Labor Government’s West Gate Tunnel as the quietest motorways in the state.

North East Link will give local roads back to local people, taking trucks off local streets, slashing travel times and easing congestion in the north eastern suburbs.

North East Link will be put out to market within the first 100 days of a re-elected Andrews Labor Government so that construction can start in 2020. The road is expected to open in 2027.

North East Link Authority will be running drop-in community sessions over the coming weeks. For more information and to see the detailed design, visit northeastlink.vic.gov.au

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North-East Link: Superhighway through Melbourne's east

Noel Towell 9 September 2018 — 10:12am

North East Road Link
Upgrades are planned for the Eastern Freeway, as part of the new North East Link project.
Photo: Supplied

The Eastern Freeway will swell to more than 20 lanes at its widest point - rivalling some of the world's widest roads - under the state government's plans for its $15.8 billion North East Link.

In addition to the 14 carriageway lanes that will flow through Doncaster and Balwyn North when the road is complete, four emergency lanes, two bus lanes and on- and off-ramps will widen the road at the junction of Doncaster Road to as much as 94 metres.

The state government released more detailed plans on Sunday of the city's "missing link" road, billed as Victoria's biggest-ever road project and featuring nearly 5.8 kilometres of tunnels carrying six lanes of traffic.

The new road, which now has the support of both major political parties, will connect the Eastern Freeway to the M80 ring road.

The newly-released plans show a 1.2-kilometre lowered section along Greensborough Road. In response to concerns from residents, the government has also promised additional sound walls to reduce traffic noise.

The plans show a five-kilometre tunnel from Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna connecting to the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen Road.

But it is the behemoth new intersection at Doncaster that catches the eye, with its 14 lanes of traffic, four emergency, two bus lanes and on- and off-ramps rivalling some of the world's widest roads.

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Road to wreckage: Their homes will go but residents want gridlock fixed
April 10, 2019 — 4.26pm Clay Lucas and Timna Jacks

In the 14 years since Peter Stahlberg bought his Yallambie home, the noise of cars roaring past on nearby Greensborough Road has only grown.

"The traffic has got louder, and it's definitely busier and harder to move around the area," he says, standing outside the brick home he moved to in 2005.

He and his partner, Emily Paterson, say they are both aware that something has to be done to alleviate congestion in their neighbourhood – they just wish that something wasn’t happening to them.

"Something needs to happen; whether this is the right corridor or not, we don’t know," Ms Paterson says.

Several homes on their street, Borlase Street, will go to make way for the North East Link, Victoria's most expensive road project to date.

Their home is among 36 residential properties to be acquired to make way for the road.

On Wednesday, the government released its environmental effects statement, which examines how the massive new toll road and Eastern Freeway widening will impact residents, business owners, the Yarra River and the area's many parks and abundant natural wildlife.

The statement reveals that, along with the 36 private homes, 103 businesses will also be acquired to make way for the tunnel, which will wipe out most of the jobs in the Bulleen Industrial precinct, impacting hundreds of workers.

At its deepest point in Heidelberg, the twin tunnels that run for six kilometres will be 40 metres underground. They will run 20 metres below the bottom of the Yarra River.

uildings such as Heide Museum of Modern Art and Banyule House will be exposed to vibration from tunnelling construction, but the government's reports say this won’t impact the integrity of the buildings.

After the freeway is built, 1500 buildings in all will be affected by traffic noise resulting from the increase in cars, with about 160 buildings to face a “noticeable noise increase” that could exceed VicRoads’ 63 decibels noise limit.

Talking points

• 36 homes, 103 businesses will be acquired to make way for the North East Link.

• The toll road tipped to save motorists up to 35 minutes between the M80 Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway.

• Up to 135,000 cars are expected to use the toll road each day.

• Infrastructure Victoria says the project is a priority as it will improve congestion and get trucks out of the city centre.

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Community To Have Their Say On North East Link
10 April 2019

The planning approvals process for Victoria’s biggest road project has started, with an Environment Effects Statement (EES) for North East Link now out for public comment.

The Andrews Labor Government is working to support potentially impacted residents, businesses, sports clubs and community groups when delivering the long-awaited project.

Building such a large project through a highly developed urban area presents a range of potential impacts and challenges, however strict requirements will be placed on project builders to minimise impacts.

More than 30,000 trees will be planted as part of the project and the Banyule Flats, Warringal Parklands and Yarra River will be protected by a six-kilometre tunnel.

Housing acquisition has been kept to a minimum, with the number of homes needed reduced to less than 50. Based on the current reference design in the EES, around 100 businesses in the Bulleen Industrial Zone still sit within the construction footprint of the project and are expected to be acquired.

Suitable sites for relocation are being explored with local councils in consultation with businesses, and a North East Link site office will soon open in the industrial estate to provide even more support to businesses.

A Bulleen Business Liaison Group has recently been set up by the North East Link Project team to work with businesses on their specific issues and help them through the planning and approvals process.

Better noise walls will be built as part of the project, with a new noise standard of 63 Db(A). The noise standard will provide better protection from noise for homes along the Eastern Freeway where a noise standard of 68 Db(A) currently applies – the same standard being built for the West Gate Tunnel project.

Significant community feedback and more than a year of technical studies has shaped the 10,000-page EES, with specialist reports on 18 key topics that the community will have 40 business days to review.

People can have their views considered as part of the planning approvals process by commenting on the EES. Submissions close on Friday 7 June and hearings are expected to start in late July.

The project will fix the missing link between the Eastern Freeway and the M80 Ring Road – slashing travel times and taking more than 15,000 trucks a day off local roads and provide a faster trip to the airport from the east.

The project will also upgrade the Eastern Freeway to streamline traffic flow and reduce congestion and build a new dedicated busway along the Eastern Freeway – slashing travel times on this busy corridor by more than 30 per cent.

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