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Nicholas Building

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Text from Walking Melbourne

The National Trust guide to the historic and architectural landmarks of central Melbourne

Nicholas Building

27-41 Swanston Street


An impressive example of the Commercial Palazzo form, replete with Stripped Classical elements such as giant columns, balconies and huge cornice, this office block was designed by Harry Norris, completed in 1926, and built for the Nicholas family, made wealthy by inventing a local version of aspirin.

Much of the interior is unchanged, such as the charming glass roofed Cathedral Arcade on the ground floor, the marble stairs, and tiled corridors, and the equally charming ‘lift ladies’ operate one of the few manual lifts left in the city.


Photographs of my own below.


The eight images below are of Cathedral Arcade on the ground floor of the Nicholas Building.


Next three down, one of the former shops, Route 66.


The back of the building once had a Banksy artwork.

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I believe the lifts are being upgraded.

That's what it looked like when I was last up there Peter.

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Surprised that the owners are not exploiting the rooftop.

A lot of space up there!

Did you see any beehives up there Glenn?

Honey being farmed from city rooftops is being sold in some shops around town at the moment.

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au
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Hello Peter, umm no...I haven't noticed any beehives in the city. But quite a few down South Melbourne way, particularly on Market Street and that area.

They would need to really protect the area from falls on the roof. I was thinking about climbing on top of that facade edge to take a photo, which was easy to do, somehow it just didnt feel right :)

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