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Napier Street Church, Fitzroy

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There is a fascinating new development of the historic Napier Street Church and Church Hall now underway in Fitzroy. The developer is currently engaging in a community consultation process with local heritage and resident groups, residents and council. There is also a website up and running with information about all aspects of this very innovative development. See it here: http://churchonnapier.com

It's quite a remarkable and unusual commercial project for Melbourne at the moment. The transparent solar glass roof tiles to replace the historic north facing slate roof are unlike anything I've come across, amongst other interesting aspects of the design - well worth spending a bit of time to investigate the website.

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 Napier Street Church, Fitzroy  Napier Street Church, Fitzroy

If anyone comes across any renderings, please post them.


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I'm not sure how to post images from a PDF, but there are some renders here:


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I worked on this!

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