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Moderation / Comment policy

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Relevant snippets taken from urban.melbourne/legal

- We expect community and industry members to converse, debate, critique, admire and participate on Urban.com.au in a constructive and respectful manner - we don't allow unsubstantiated slander and will remove any offending posts. It is Urban.com.au's sole decision on what is removed or kept on our community forum and comment threads.
- We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for multis, trolls and other substandard behaviour which seeks to confuse other members and will not hesitate to deal with individual accounts that Urban.com.au site moderators or administrators deem to fit this category of unwanted internet scum.

- Do not reproduce articles, images and other copyright media on Urban.com.au's forum or comment threads. Obtain permission from the copyright owner before doing so.
- The images and other artefacts in specific project database are copyrighted to the original owner, you're free to reproduce any information in the text sections (i.e quote building heights, floor counts, who the architect is etc) of the project database entry, but are not free to reproduce images/videos.
- Some articles published on Urban.com.au will be sponsored by those in the industry (Urban.com.au will have sold a marketing package to the industry participant) and these articles will be flagged appropriately.
- We use cookies to a) drive certain site functionality ("recently viewed" widget in the footer and storing your user/pass so you dont have log in again when you close your browser and then revisit the site) and b) drive our ad engine.
- We implement the Google Analytics platform which reports - in aggregate form - IPs / locations of users, times and allows us to build a community, NOT individual profile of our user base.
- It is not a normal practice to profile each and individual user, however every interaction on our site can be linked back to the personal IP address (or proxy) you are using - we will never sell any personal information to a 3rd party and the only 3rd parties which will have access to this raw data (but cannot be linked with your individual account) are Google Analytics, Nielsen and the Google DoubleClick for Publishers ad network.
- Should a user fit the "troll", "multi" or any other unacceptable category that Urban.com.au site moderators or administrators decide upon and repeated abuse is recorded against the account, WE WILL inform a) the user's ISP or proxy provider of the reported abuse and b) we may disclose the information to a solicitor to act on Urban.com.au's behalf.
- The organisation which operates Urban.com.au does not have an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), we are not here to provide investment advice and no user - community or industry alike - is allowed to provide financial advice in the public areas of the site or via the private messaging system. Appropriately licensed professionals are allowed to contact individual members by private message to organise a time and date to meet, however any advice MUST be carried out off Urban.com.au's platform and community users are advised to be prudent and ask for an individual's or company's AFSL credentials before executing any agreements.
- Mass & repeated spam/solicitation in private is unwanted behaviour and will be dealt with appropriately and swiftly.

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