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Melbourne Henge

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'Melbourne Henge' to light up Melbourne skyline, fingers crossed

November 4, 2015 - 4:22PM Larissa Ham

Melbourne Henge

The sun shines down 42nd Street during 'Manhattan Henge.' Photo: Robert Carew

Look out Stonehenge: Melbourne's skyline might be providing some stiff competition on Wednesday night, if Swinburne astronomers have their way.

Astrophysicist Dr Alan Duffy says the setting sun should line up with the CBD grid, providing the setting for a "spectacular celestial alignment".

If Melbourne's weather behaves, Dr Duffy said the sunset could also rival an increasingly popular phenomenon in New York City known as "Manhattan Henge" - where the sun sets at the perfect angle to light up the city's towers.

Dr Duffy said at 7.54pm on Wednesday, the sun should be visible precisely along the streets of Melbourne's Hoddle grid. The event occurs twice a year at sunset and sunrise, and this is the last chance for 2015.

"I can imagine it being this beautiful sight to see the sun setting in this canyon of skyscrapers, this modern-day Stonehenge."


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