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Melbourne Bus Routes

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Hooray!! Good to see the bus network has not totally been forgotten...


Public Transport Victoria plans to expand cross-town buses

March 18, 2014

A network of more than 30 bus routes running every 10 minutes would criss-cross much of Melbourne within less than a decade under ambitious plans produced by Public Transport Victoria. The state's public transport authority wants to drastically boost bus services in the suburbs, particularly the outer growth areas, to keep pace with Melbourne's rapid population growth and sprawl. Under the plan, Melbourne would have 35 so-called ''SmartBus'' routes by 2021, running every 10 minutes along direct routes between busy urban hubs such as shopping centres and railway stations. There are currently nine SmartBus routes in Melbourne that run at 15-minute frequencies, including four between the city and Doncaster and three that orbit the middle and outer suburbs.


Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/public-transport-victoria-plans-to-exp...

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SMRTBus routes are fine but what about the rest of them?

Clean slate is what's needed.

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From the article this reminds me of the times when I am driving in the fringe areas of Melbourne beyond the outer suburbs and I see bus stops next to a road which serves a clump of trees next to a paddock. I am assuming many of these services are hourly and are there just for political reasons. If we could cut these services and use these buses to increase the frequency of middle and outer suburban routes, that would be a much better outcome for very little cost as compared to level crossing removals, metros and other projects.

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Took a couple of photos of recent works on Victoria Street that are associated with the bus lane project underway.

corners of Gisborne Street and Nicholson Street small (2m) kerb extensions on the opposite side of the intersection from right turn/u-turn lanes... they have done a similar thing at Wellington Street as well.

Also some minor widenings (about 1m) for right turn lanes into Clarendon Street and Nicholson Street unsure if there are others down the road.

Melbourne Bus Routes

Melbourne Bus Routes

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Melbourne’s First Dedicated, High-Speed Busway

25 November 2017

Melbourne Bus Routes

Melbourne’s first dedicated busway will be built as part of North East Link – slashing travel times and delivering more services, more often to the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan today announced the Doncaster Busway – a Victorian-first, fully separated, high speed bus route that will run from Doncaster to Victoria Park.

Using the median in the Eastern Freeway, buses will be able to travel up to 100km/h unimpeded by traffic, slashing travel times by up to 30 per cent.

The new busway will include two separated bus-only lanes (one each way) that provide direct access to and from Doncaster Park and Ride and connect to the Victoria Park precinct.

The project will also provide more parking for commuters, with the opportunity to build a future Park and Ride in Bulleen.

The Labor Government’s Streamlining Hoddle Street project will mean further time savings and increased reliability for bus commuters on Melbourne’s busiest bus route.

Yesterday, the Labor Government announced the route for North East Link – the long-awaited missing link in Melbourne’s ring road.

The project will start at Springvale Road with a massive overhaul of the Eastern Freeway. The Eastern will remain toll-free.

It will then connect through to the M80 Ring Road through twin tunnels, protecting environmentally sensitive and residential areas above.

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one lane and no breakdown each way...risky

better to squeeze out a tiny bit more width and have three lanes overhead signaled 2/1, 1/2 in/out as needed and give it all some redundency

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Agreed. Just get rid of the car breakdown lanes. If you don't need them on the Westgate Bridge, you don't need them here.

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That depends one how often a bus breaks down. If it's "almost never" (as I suspect) then the disruption caused by when one does is likely a much lower price to pay than that offered by the alternatives.

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Announce the hard infrastructure, allude nothing to the service level.

This jobs jobs jobs mantra is getting really old, fast.

Anyhow - what about permanent bus lanes all the way along Doncaster Road and Springvale Road to Nunawading?

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