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I'm not sure if there is a better place to post this but here goes.

I am trying to conduct a little bit of research into the reputation and standing of Melbourne Architects and I was hoping that this forum might prove to be a useful place to try to gather some info.

I'm looking for people to give me a top 10 (or 20 if you're feeling ambitious) of Melbourne Architecture practices based solely upon reputation and the firms brand/image.

Ideally this would be Architects that specialise in Multi Unit Residential projects but I don't want to set too many rules so don't worry about it.

I won't post my own list yet as that would start things off in a biased way and I don't want to influence anything.

Please help me out!

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Here's my "off the top of my head" top 20:

Kerstin Thompson Architects (KTA)
Cassandra Fahey ("Cassandra Complex")
Robert Simeoni
Nest Architects
Six Degrees Architects
Sean Godsell
Norman Day
Jackson Clement Burrows
John Warble Architects
BKK Architects
Muir Mendes
Wolveridge Architects
Edwards Moore
Kennedy Nolan
Andrew Maynard
Breathe Architecture
Room 11

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I have many, but ^^ +1 for Room 11: http://room11.com.au/projects/fitzroy-apartments/

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Thanks for the great list. Hopefully someone else will add at some point.

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