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MELBOURNE | 499 St Kilda Road | 72m | 20L | Residential

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conversion of former Fawkner Centre with 3.4m high ceilings

LAS Group - Elenberg Fraser



existing ground

intended ground

facade dynamic

landscape ground

landscape podium

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i believe this one is approved

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On St Kilda Road, LAS Group will spend $48.5 million converting the 1960s Fawkner Centre office building into apartments.

LAS Group director Les Smith said the building, which was occupied by about 70 office tenants, lent itself to residential development because of its layout and location.

“The location is first class and it has wonderful high ceilings,” he said. “We could have put one- and two-bedroom apartments in there and sold the lot to investors in a week, but we’re going for more bespoke, bigger apartments, as that market is under-supplied.”

Approval was granted for 245 two- and three-bedroom apartments to be built in the block. Mr Smith said the group was in “no hurry” to start works, but the intention for now was to develop the project rather than sell off the building with the permit attached.

The project will be the first residential conversion along St Kilda Road in some time, after a string of projects in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, including Royal Domain Plaza.

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Work has just started.

image host


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Nice that this pretty ugly block being cone over, but a bit of history - it was the construction of this in the mid 1970s that prompted the creation of the Shrine Vista control banning anything else from sticking up in the view of the shrine down st kilda road. So jut a pity that my fantasy that this building could have some of the top shaved off isnt going to happen. Mind you now that I think about it, with all the trees and tram infrastructure on Swanston Street these days, you need winter, the trams our of the way and zoom lens to get q view like the 1980s http://thecollectormm.com.au/gallery/postcards/1920s-1980s/slides/Swanst...


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Thanks for sharing that, Rohan.

I wonder what St Kilda Road would be like today if these controls never took place. I think its been for the best and that is why St Kilda Road is such a lovely part of town. Glad to see that previous governments had the foresight to provide these rules and give us what we have today.

Not to be political but it is examples like these that only make me confident that overshadowing of the Yarra is another rule implemented years ago that has only helped make Melbourne such a great place to live in.

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Aesthetically speaking it is quite nice, however it is a windswept lifeless road on weekends.

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not as in out a facade as the render suggests

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