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Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games - Official restored Olympic Film

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I just came across this video documentary posted today on the Olympic youtube channel. An official Olympic history film for the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. It has some great restored colour footage of the city as well as the games.

Check it out:

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The smug yank narrator is a pain in the arse, but yes, great footage.

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Yeah, it is very American centric, but it has some interesting footage, the marathon near the end is pretty cool to see, through suburban melbourne, out to oakleigh and back.

Pretty amazing restoration job though, pretty good that the olympic organization is doing that.

Red Rattler passing the MCG

St kilda pier

MCG & Jolimont railyards

Government house, MCG in the background

Alain Mimoun training outside the MCG, he would take gold in the marathon

Marathon runners passing the Shrine

Halfway mark of the marathon, Oakleigh

A view from the same location today:
Marathon half-way point. Dandenong Road, Oakleigh
You can see the plaque about the marathon course between the trunk of the tree on the edge of Princes Highway Reserve

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