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Hotel/Serviced apartment construction

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I run a serviced apartment business in Melbourne(Currently with 60 rooms/apartments) and looking for new acquisitions. I am eyeing the developments in CBD areas which are of mixed use and will allow facilities like reception/hotel facilities etc. I am looking at following options
1. Buy the whole building or 50-60% of the apartments-> I can invest in the development only if either it is being considered for mixed use or completely for hotel/serviced apartment.

2. Lease the whole property or 50-60% of the apartments from the developer/Owners/investors with management rights for the hotel/serviced apartment. Again, I would need a reception and other facilities to run the operations smoothly.

Any developer/investor out there who would be interested in collaboration?


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I'll start the bidding at $5.

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And we have $5, do I hear $10? $10?

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Stop it bitches...lol...

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