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Carding forums under ddos attack by government agencies of USA
Carding technology.
Most of the orders that the lucky ones then make are made online. In order for the <competent authorities> not to be able to catch them, they resort to such methods:
1. To receive a purchase, the address of the "left" apartment is called, but with the name of the criminal who allegedly lives there. Then the dodgers periodically look through the contents of the mailbox at this address, and when a receipt from the post office appears in it with a notification of a parcel with an order, they simply take the receipt out of the mailbox - and straight to the post office.
Carding forum under ddos attack by government agencies of USA.
It is not uncommon for attackers to enter the data and addresses of their acquaintances or friends, with whom they very rarely meet, when placing orders. A prerequisite for this: a friend must not have a computer.
2. The purchase comes to the address of some person who does not know the fraudster, with courier delivery. The puzzled philistine, of course, explains to the courier that, they say, the mistake came out. The cargo is sent back to the post office, where the attackers soon appear and, presenting themselves as victims of misunderstandings at the post office, pick up the purchase, listing its contents previously known to them in advance.
There is, however, another way to gain access to supermarkets at someone else's expense. These are so-called card generator programs that are developed for the purpose of <guessing> credit card numbers.
These numbers usually consist of 16 digits (although there are cards with 13 digits). The first digit determines which type the card belongs to. For example, 5 - MasterCard, 4 - VISA, 3 - American Express. The next three digits determine which bank the card belongs to. This is followed by the numbers identifying the card itself, and the last digit is the control one. A check digit is the result of certain mathematical operations with all the previous digits. It checks whether this is really a credit card number or just a set of numbers "from a fool".
Programs-<card generators> give out a huge list of card numbers belonging to the desired bank. However, these programs cannot find out the name of the cardholder and the expiration date of its validity. Meanwhile, if just one credit card number was enough for any card verification system 3-4 years ago, now full information on it is required.
Hardware Lane

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More great images, thanks for sharing

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