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Harbour Esplanade Redevelopment- Docklands

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If you have an interest in the redevelopment of the Esplanade then could you please take a very small amount of time to complete this simple online survey regarding preferences for the redevelopment of the Esplanade. It is vital to have your say . Places Victoria and Council are determined to fill it with 12 or more pavilions and a couple of old cargo sheds to be put in the middle, which in the opinion of many will destroy the waterfront vista, reduce already limited open space and ruin the opportunity to add welcoming soul to Dockland’s central waterfront frontage. They have confirmed this in published plans. You are of course free to choose what you wish.

The link is - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9XF3X2Q

Note you are asked to rank the options from 1 to 4. So once you have chosen as your first preference, enter 1 in that square. You then proceed to choose 2nd, 3rd and 4th preferences.

Your vote is important.

Thanks so much!

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Personally I'm of the view that if PV & CoM are going to pursue built structures then these should be in the form of 'follies' or in the instance(s) of anything larger in scale, integrated into the landscape via green roofs allowing for elevated vistas. These would essentially read as low hills or mounds.The sheds should only exist as frames rather than enclosed structures.

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I quite like this mounds idea. You could build four to six of these and have them facing slightly different directions with a grassy slope to sit on. The majority of the slopes could face the harbour for sunset views in the evening and one could face north for summer sunlight.

Under the hills you could have a cafe (instead of the temporary tent cafe) or other kiosks operating or just a gazebo type seating area looking out.

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