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Growth of On-Street Parking Permits

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Hi All,

In the recent year(s) there have many developments in my area (Richmond) have approved planning permits for for large apartment buildings (30+ SOU's) with minimal parking on-site. A recent permit has been submitted includes 50 units with 7 on site car-parks. I can see this being typical to any surrounding suburbs to the CBD within a 5km distance.

Traffics reports include studies only conducted between Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, where most residents in the area do not have there cars located at home and the surrounding streets during the studies. Reports state there is ample on-street parking, where this is not the case over night (sometimes during the day). I sometimes find myself parking a few streets away from my house on nights after 7pm.

I am all for newer developments not having on-site caparking, where they are marketed as green developments, (including adequate bike parking and other ESD princiiples.)

Is there a need for some regulation or further consideration from council into how many parking permits will be granted to these new high-density developments to reduce the amount of parked cars in the area?

For example, if a 50 unit development is approved with no on-site carpking for residents.Council may only elect to grant the 15% of the development with on-street parking permits (larger apartments may be given priority)

This would of course need to be followed through the contract of sales with real-esate agents, clearly stating no on-street parking permits will be granted via council.

Any thoughts on the above? I would be interested to see what plans council has for the next 10 years and how they plan to combat the population growth in regards to on-street carp-parking.

In years to come these are some further strategies I would like to see;

- Introduction of smaller carapaces being implemented rather than normal allocation of carapaces.

- Reduction of crossover width from 3000mm to 2700mm to encourage more street-parking (300mm makes a big difference)

- A web portal with council for potential buys . renters to see if they can obtain a on--street permit. Rather than finding out after you have purchased a property or have started renting.

- Review of congested streets, where an additional carp-park may be allocated at the end of a street (near a giveway / stop sign) where the reduction of length in the solid white line may occur

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The City of Stonnington doesn't provide any parking permits to any new apartment developments, and has been doing so since the mid 2000s.

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