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Free Wi-Fi in Melbourne CBD

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Bout time if you ask me:

City set for free Wi-Fi trial, but lagging behind other capitals

October 18, 2013
Aisha Dow

Melbourne City Council is set to trial a free public Wi-Fi service in the city, but it will need to act fast to catch up to smaller capital cities racing ahead with bigger plans.

The council is in talks with a major telecommunications company, believed to be Telstra, about a demonstration project that would guide the future of Wi-Fi in Melbourne.

While Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle said it was still unclear when the trial would begin, he said he hoped it would start as soon as possible.

''This is not something I want to sit on,'' he said.

Cr Doyle said the council had not decided where the trial would be, but wanted to stay away from businesses that already offered free Wi-Fi to their customers.

After the trial was completed, he said the council would consider whether there was a case for a bigger public internet project and, if so, what locations it would service and if it could be provided free.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/city-set-for-free-wifi-trial-but-laggi...

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^absolutely about time... Australian cities are so far behind in this regard... The soon we get free WiFi the better... I reckon all trams should have free WiFi as well.

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Didn't they trial this at Flinders St Station? Is it still going? From memory the problem was it was so cumbersome - even though its free, you still had to register and log in on a web page every time. Hopefully this version will be a lot more open.

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Even when I was in Chicago earlier in the year, the Loop (the name of the train system in Chicago) had free wifi but you also had to sign-up and login everytime. so i dont think the system that they have in FSS is uncommon.

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