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Free Image hosts / how to post images

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If you want to post images of your own on the forums, you'll need an image host.

Recommended hosts: www.postimage.org, www.imageshack.us, www.tinypic.com

Once you have uploaded the images to those host sites, get the URL to the image and all you need to do is make sure you're Text Format (underneath the text area where you can type on a forum/comment post) is set to "BBCode" (this should automatically be chosen for everyone who has a registered account) and wrap the URL to the image in [ i m g ] and [ / i m g ] tags (no spaces between the img and square brackets.

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thanks for nice information i try this ....

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imgur.com is another one, you don't need an account to upload and if you have one you can upload 150 images to a free account. It does have a bit of compression though for larger images which might be noticeable.

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Thanks for the useful links.

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