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Former Gollin & Co.

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From Walking Melbourne

The National Trust Guide to The Historic and Architectural Landmarks of Central Melbourne.

Former Gollin & Co.

561-563 Bourke Street


Charles D’Ebro designed this Queen Anne style warehouse and office building, featuring intricately carved stone detailing and a delightful corner turret and dome, completed in 1902. It housed agents for merchants and importers, such as the Shell Trading & Transport Co. Ltd., and the Mildura Fruitgrowers Association, and in 1989 it was sensitively incorporated into an inventive highrise office development designed by Perrott Lyon Mathieson.


How it looked soon after completion.


Two photographs of my own below.


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Nice example there Peter. I worked on the refurb along with 565 Bourke. This was developed by Floyd Podgornik, who shot himself in his newly completed building at 574 St Kilda Road before the building was completed. His flamboyant wife oversaw the completion. Wonder what ever became of her?

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Yes, I always think this is a pretty good integration of old and new as it allows the old girl to maintain her presence on the street.

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Now I look at it I'm wondering if the old building is still separate, or integrated? The floor levels on the right at least seem to match, we're the walls in that side opened up??


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