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FISHERMANS BEND ZONE | Normanby Precinct - 6 towers | ~135m | 40L | Residential

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May a well start a thread on these towers - COPP have them out for viewing

interesting podiums

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Very nice, I would rather see these shorter towers and a big focus on the street level. I'm not a fan of mandatory height limits in FB, but I'm OK with it if leads to quality projects like these going up.

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Nah.. the row of four looks awful. Even if the buildings themselves are quality builds individually, the overall effect is just a shiny and soulless row.. all very docklands.. all very dull. They could at least *try* to make it look like they weren't all designed by the same guy to the same specifications.

I tentatively like no 5 though.

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The lack of height variation here what lets this one down. It's just one huge, glass massing.

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that's a direct response to the planning controls which have a blanket height limit...what you get is this outcome

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