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FISHERMANS BEND ZONE | 850-858 Lorimer Street | 145m | 45L | Residential

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Images © Hayball

Stage 1A - 138m / 43L
Stage 1B & 2A - 145m / 45L
Stage 2B - 63m / 20L


wind tunnel model



podium top by oculus



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I like this scheme. The pedestrian walkway through the site, along with the townhouses around the podium make this a better outcome than many proposals have shown.

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Goodman a big winner in planning changes


>> GOODMAN Group stands to make $283 million from the increase in the value of its land holdings in Port Melbourne following a planning change, according to analysts from Macquarie.

This week the Victorian government signed off on the masterplan for Fishermans Bend, on the opposite bank of the Yarra River to the CBD near the suburb of Port Melbourne.

The government hopes the 250ha urban renewal project on the mostly industrial land holdings will eventually accommodate 80,000 residents and 40,000 jobs.

Analysts at Macquarie believe Goodman Group, which owns or manages about 28ha in the precinct, will be one of the largest beneficiaries of the planning changes.

>>The company has already gone through its land bank to identify which sites can be sold off to residential developers.

Chief executive Greg Goodman has estimated that the group has sites capable of holding a total of 35,000 apartments.

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