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FISHERMANS BEND ZONE | 261-281 Ingles Street | 155m | 34-52L | Residential

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Gets it's own thread, definitely big enough

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52 levels - isn't that over the new height limit?

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Why are they allowed to log plans for 34 and 52 floors in a 18 zone?

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Port Phillip Council want the tallest one reduced to no more than 40L.

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I'd say it was lodged for assessment prior to height limits being introduced

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Can anyone explain to me any logical reason why the tallest tower would be reduced from 52 to 40 levels?

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So they can demonstrate the fact that they're against any over development of the site, whatever that means.

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Great design, fantastic street interaction. No doubt council/Poo will f**k it up one way or another.

Marvelous Mega-Melbourne

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Street level treatment is effing gorgeous

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