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FISHERMANS BEND ZONE | 150 Turner St | ~90m | 30L | Residential

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Land Address 150 - 160 Turner Street Port Melbourne

Application No. 2013006334
Date Received 28/06/2013

Construct a (30) storey mixed use building

Images © Artisan Architects

west aspect

east aspect

north aspect

south aspect

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I absolutely LOVE that

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Yeah, it's an absolute purla.

The whole area's going to need some serious lovin' with regards to PT. The cheapest/quickest form is buses and Lorimer Street has a nice direct path into Southern Cross.

In the wide median on Wurndjeri Way under the Collins St bridge, you could build a large island platform bus bay (accessible from both north and south to cater for growth out toward E-Gate / Kensington / Dynon as well as Fishermans Bend areas) with an extension of the concourse over the rail tracks inside the station over the southbound lanes of Wurndjeri way so SX becomes integrated.

random route idea: run it / replace 237/238 routes starting at SX all the way along Lorimer St, Todd Road and through Beacon Cove to Port Melbourne Light Rail stop - 10 minute frequencies or better.

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I do love this too. However I will be interested to see what people will think of essentially living on top of a freeway.

Re: PT, the old now disused Webb Dock Rail line is still there. It runs along Lorimer St, then through Westgate Park, finishing at Todd Rd/Williamstown Rd. A good candidate for Light Rail conversion?

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Great looking building, but the podium isnt imho.

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Approved this month

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Unless it's been extended, the permit will lapse unless they get started by Sept.

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