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Elizabeth Street upgrade

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Deputy Lord Mayor Arron Wood said the project would transform the Flinders Street Station end of Elizabeth Street into a pedestrian-friendly boulevard.

"When you look at Elizabeth Street it should be one of Melbourne's great boulevards, and it's not," he told ABC Radio Melbourne's Jon Faine.

Elizabeth Street will be closed to southbound traffic at Flinders Lane, with a single-lane road carrying vehicles turning north from Flinders Street.


I'm pleased that this is a substantial upgrade which will considerably enhance the amenity and urban environment of lower Elizabeth.

However it's profoundly disappointing that CoM will continue to allow cars through this section. This will create conflicts and danger, as pedestrian space on the southern side remains limited. I predict injuries.

This outcome confounds me, given that the Bourke Street Mall is just metres away. I wonder which important person or business opposed full pedestrianisation.

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Should go all the way to Collins st no traffic either way and eventually extend to lonsdale
Close flinders Lane completely Russell to queen
Reintroduce traffic into Swanston starting north of lonsdale

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Elizabeth Street to close

Elizabeth Street upgrade

Artist's impression of Elizabeth street Mall. Photo: Supplied

The southern end of Elizabeth Street is also slated for a well-overdue $1.5 million makeover, with plans to close the southbound lane between Flinders Lane and Flinders Street to make this major entrance to the station more pedestrian friendly, with new paving, street trees and – essential in a flood prone area – drainage.

Saying it was time to give Elizabeth Street "the sort of love we've given to other streets," Cr Doyle noted that the current T-intersection with Flinders Street is "pretty ugly. It doesn't work terribly well".

Construction is expected to begin later this year, and Cr Doyle said ultimately he was open to plans to extend the streets' walkways as far as Bourke Street, "but we are not ready go there yet".

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