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DOCKLANDS | Voyager | Wharf's Entrance | 43L | 138m | Residential

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A little squat in the plans

Finish early 2019 at this stage

not too shabby

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Voyager really is an excellent name for several hundred tonnes of utterly immobile concrete. lol

And isn't Yarra's Edge the greatest waste of CBD riverfrontage in any comparable sized city anywhere?

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YE is actually a well executed design overall.

Its mix of towers, low-rise and open space has come together quite well. The only let down is transport links further down towards the western part of the site, but it is hamstrung in what it can do to fix that.

When you consider that the area around this site will be bulked up with new developments, keeping the waterfront lower-rise was actually a great decision.

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I agree in regard to the name. I think they should have gone for 'Cynical Bore Tower' @ Wharf's Entrance instead.

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Right, so we reckon using all those acres of low rise housing with giant towers sticking out of the middle of it in the middle of a public transport wasteland is what riverfront land CBD-side land is for? The place is an eyesore enclave for the overly superannuated. Again right on OUR riverfront.

I see no hint of cynicism on behalf of the architect. If you want boredom, spend a day at Yarra's Edge.

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The wharves along northbank are almost entirely dead on the weekend - and that's unlikely to change regardless of landscaping improvements, because the river frontage is in near permanent shade. A good outcome in urban planning terms?

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What? That one wharf that is actually derelict on the north bank?? The one that has not even been redeveloped yet?
I don't understand your point.

That said, I doubt, even after redevelopment that northbank wharf area will be a success as it is hemmed in by that bloody awful freeway that cuts through Docklands and over the Charles Grimes bridge. The rest of the land there is taken up with the Mission to Seaman, which is an OK heritage building but hardly activities the street, and a whopping great multi-story carpark. Mmmmm - appealing!

Unless a brave and costly decision is made to (a) get rid of the carpark, and (b) sink the freeway under ground, this area will always be a dead zone, and neither of those will happen probably. Pity really, as there is a very nice pedestrian bridge at the moment that effectively leads to nowhere. Bizarre planning all round, really.

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I was referring to Australia Wharf along the front of the ANZ Centre, Garmatt. It's a substantial piece of public open space that is usually in the shade due to the lack of building setback here. The rest of your points I would agree with - except that Mission to Seaman is a bit more than "Ok" as heritage buildings go, simply because of the great uses it has been put to in recent years, the public access and cultural events it hosts - you can't say that about many spaces in Docklands right now.

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looks to be about the spot

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It will look tall out there on it's own

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This may have hit construction. From what I could see in my brief drive-by from the street in peak hour, there's a couple of piling rigs at work.

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shouldn't be private residential low rise...civic, retail, leisure etc...public...would all be better...now it will be an exclusive wanker enclave IN PERPETUITY!!

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Mirvac gives away $59,400 as apartment competition heats up

Apartments with city views over the water in one of property giant Mirvac's developments are being offered to buyers at a whopping $59,400 discount on their $495,000 advertised price.

Steep discounting in the apartment sector came to light last Friday after a mystery home-buying spree conducted by researchers at investment bank Citi.

Citi's researchers didn't identify the developer offering big discounts, but BusinessDay has found a raft of similar incentives at Mirvac's Forge apartment project in Melbourne.

Mirvac, one of Australia's largest property developers, is offering potential buyers $11,000 of furniture, a full refund of stamp duty fees and a 5 per cent rental guarantee for 12 months, in effect a saving of 12.5 per cent if they buy in the building.

When asked why it was discounting its apartments so heavily, Mirvac responded that its Yarra's Edge development, which includes the Forge building, had low vacancy rates and a long-term average capital growth.

"The Forge tower is approximately 80 per cent sold and has exceeded its FY17 settlement target ahead of program," Mirvac said.


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Is this one any closer to starting?

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"When asked why it was discounting its apartments so heavily, Mirvac responded that its Yarra's Edge development, which includes the Forge building, had low vacancy rates and a long-term average capital growth."

That's the most amazing non-answer to a different question I've ever seen. I can't believe the paper printed that without comment.

What we're probably seeing here is solid evidence that property taxes (etc) are paid by the seller, and not the buyer. The upcoming changes affecting overseas and investor purchasers are not going to push overall the cost of units up.. rather they will shift how the total cost of purchase is split between the recipients.

Mirvac know that the value of their units (and all the other developers) has taken a hit, and they're applying that discount now in order to dress up a market adjustment as something else.

I wonder who commissioned that survey?

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The final stage of the Cargo homes is finished, with the riverfront promenade open now. The Bolte Bridge looms very large at the end, as do the cargo vessels down river. Still no sign of work on Voyager. If I was a buyer of a Cargo home, I'd be a bit peeved at still having a large derelict site behind me. Maybe Mirvac will pull the plug on Voyager and build more Cargo style homes on the site.


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Voyager with the last tower next door

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And the eighth tower in sequence on the left.

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they should not build one more townhome than the number that there already are...the ruling power elites can take a flying ffff of the nearest (should be) public promenade and public space