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DOCKLANDS | Digital Harbour | 48-54 Digital Drive | 2 Towers | 82m-49m | Residential

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The application seeks approval for the construction of a multi-storey residential building with ground floor retail tenancies, loading/service facilities and a car parking podium. Two separated towers of 82 m and 49 m in height will rise above an eight-level podium, which curves around the radius of the Dudley Street/Wurundjeri Way corner. The development will contain 261 dwellings and 406 car parking spaces. Three hundred of the car spaces will be allocated to users of new buildings elsewhere in the precinct.

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I like its positioning at the back of the site, giving the area pedestrian flow at all hours, not just 9-5. With a hotel next door, the areas utilisation is becoming much more well balanced.

The only thing that would really be hard to sell would be living on the lower floors so close to a major intersection/traffic sewer/train tracks. That spot would hardly be ideal.

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Podium looks like Bianca Apartments in Port Melbourne with a twist of Haven in Abbotsford. Very Nice

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