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DOCKLANDS | 13-33 Hartley Street | 37 & 40L | 122m & 131m | Residential

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Design basis


Typical west tower



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Interesting, different. I like it!

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It's a chunky looking beast... surprised it only has 600 apartments.

It's not particularly attractive.. but then it's forgiven because it's next to the freeway.

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By all means, glue some coloured panels to it, but I see nothing of substance that distinguishes this, architecturally speaking, from the CE standard-form buildings that are so reviled around these parts.

The only thing making it all look better than the Southbank-style average is the open space, which is absolutely a good thing. But those apartment layouts make it look very much like it's a low-end development to be pitched at the investment and overseas markets.

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The podium is all I like tbh. But the main road gets a service grille which is not ideal.

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The top and podium look fantastic. Love the reference to shipping containers. The tower proper is bog standard cheap design.

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Blank walls on the boundaries of such a large site? Try again son...

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The sort of project that gets picked up by a developer and promptly redesigned.

Two towers back to one

DOCKLANDS | 13-33 Hartley Street | 37 & 40L | 122m & 131m | Residential

DOCKLANDS | 13-33 Hartley Street | 37 & 40L | 122m & 131m | Residential

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The thread title should probably change from Docklands to Lorimer as it's part of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area.

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if I was a resident in Yarra Edge id be pissed.
Such a bog standard block of flats that could be mistaken as a tarted up commish tower block like this undermines any positive attempts Mirvac has put into the area with their far superior designed buildings
A load of crap , its only positive being a sound barrier from the freeway

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Not a fan at all.

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Overall I'm not a fan of this. I can't think of any reasons why there shouldn't be towers here (but I do feel for the poor future occupants who will have no relief from the noise of the highway, even with the winter gardens), and I don't hate the colour palette of the shipping container sections of the buildings, and New Street looks like it has potential to be nice (ish).

But the whole shipping container concept - there is nothing new or fresh there. Did we not pass peak shipping container years ago? And even if you accept shipping containers as your design inspiration, isn't the final design just a little too literal. Fine, reference the port character of the area, but this interpretation seems a bit lazy and unimaginative. The rest of the towers are just stock design.

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Pics don't load.

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