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Developer reviews/reputations

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This post is mostly in regards to the developer ITUM and their project Hunter Prahran (links below), but also the developers of large projects in general.

Is there a website or forum (I couldn't see any posts here) that has a database of developers and "reviews" of their general conduct, final result, etc? I'm very interested in the above project however I can't seem to find much information on the developer. One of their past projects (link below) is listed as completed and not too far from where I live, so I will go for a drive to take a look, however it would be nice to read feedback from actual owners.

Hunter Prahran Project - https://urban.melbourne/projects/stonnington/14-18-porter-street-prahran
Developer - http://www.itum.com.au/index2.html
Past Project - https://www.ibuynew.com.au/apartments/melbourne/east/hawthorn-east/hawth...

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I can't help you with finding a resource, but I would urge you to remember that the internet is mainly where people go when they are angry, and so a developer who satisfies 99% of buyers entirely may still have 100% negative feedback because things just happened to go wrong for a particularly vocal unsatisfied customer.

You should definitely go and have a look at the thing they've already built.. if you're lucky there might be an apartment in it that's for sale or for rent and you should have no shame pretending to be interested to get a look around at the internal quality. Either way.. hang around for a while and see if any residents will chat to you about it. When I bought my apartment I did that (with residents of the actual building I was considering) and it was really helpful.

Good luck!

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I've reserved an apartment here and going through contract negotiation now. Have you found out any more background? They also did one in Bosisto street Richmond.

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