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Detroit in ruins

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Detroit in Ruins

This is one of the saddest sights I have ever seen!


It's almost like everyone left in a panic because a plague was about to descend upon the city.


The opposite of growth is decay!


Check out these websites:





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SSP is a goldmine for this kind of thread on Detroit. Despite many attempts to kick start the inner-city's revival, it appears most things fall in a heap.

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One wonders why this happened to Detroit, over reliance on one industry (motor) perhaps?

A visible example of the beginning of the end of manufacturing in the US?

Anyway, at least it looks like the're saving one of their greatest landmarks, Michigan Central Station.


Detroit in ruins

Photo from: http://www.marchandmeffre.com/detroit/

New windows spotted:


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Detroit as a while is still doing fairly well economically, but the downtown has suffered due to a number of factors.

The suburbs hold most of the corporate offices these days, with only GM really staying in the centre of the city out of the bigger companies from what I can tell.

In many ways it reminds me if the JNB situation in Sth Africa, as the centre of the city was deserted by the big forms in their drift to areas like Sandton, leaving a less than desirable situation in its wake. It's hard to rebuild confidence in any area once that situation occurs.

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