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City Bicycle Park & Ride

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Sorry to bore you industry experts with another one of my creative ideas. I have to share this idea because I think that it would be amazing if it ever happened.

With the Metro Tunnel Project’s plans for Anzac Station to have three entrances (One on the Shrine of Remembrance Reserve, another at the Albert Road Reserve and the other at the train/tram interchange on St Kilda Road) there is a real opportunity for the council to do something special here for cyclists who commute to the city. How? I’m sure many cyclists commuting into the CBD find their ride to be enjoyable along the way but quite treacherous as soon as they enter the CBD. Well, here is a possible solution to that cycling stress. A City Bicycle Park & Ride.

There is a small car park in the median strip on Albert Rd between Albert Rd Reserve and Kings Way. I’m guessing its council land owned by the City of Port Phillip. What if the land was developed for the purpose of being a bicycle park & ride? Cyclists would park their bikes there during their morning commute to work and jump onto a train or tram which takes them to work.

It could be a multi-level building with an underground car park. It would contain multitudes of bike parking spaces, shower facilities, cafés and even a lap pool for members. There would even be views across Albert Park Lake. There are numerous safe cycling routes that one could take in order to get there and still feel fresh.

Is it possible? Can it be done? A project like this would not only have safety benefits but would also contribute to the enjoyment of life for many commuting into to the CBD. Surely it would get more people onto their bikes.

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