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I'd love to see something like this gain traction, if it did we might get a more demand driven apartment market with a much wider range of apartments to choose from than we would ever get from the current developer driven market. That could only be good for the successful densification of Melbourne. One size does not fit all.

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Very smart concept and its going to be interesting and exciting to see what the different niches come up with!

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Quote from the article:


London describes Citiniche as a "cracker of an idea" – a kind of "housing dating bureau" that "allows people to get together and use their own resources in such a way that there is no single entity that is taking the risk". Yes, the concept of crowdfunding (raising money through social media) is a great idea.

Looking forward to seeing resi buildings funded and built through using this idea! yes

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My only worry would be if you wanted to sell, or if your neighbours sold off particularly in the smaller more cummunity based ones.

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We now have Citiniche on our partner's exchange. http://urbanmelbourne.info/partners/citiniche

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