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Is that fragment staying ? Looks deliberate rather than accidental....


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I think it's gone now. I took more recent pics of a dig on the 17th Dec. and there's no sign of the fragment in those, but I confess I don't specifically remember. It's possible that I just worked around it. I'll have a look next time that I'm in town.

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An article in The Age answers your question, Rohan.

Historic CBD building demolished as new university 'vertical campus' begins construction
By Matilda Boseley
30 December 2018 — 6:32pm
A historic CBD building that was at the heart of Melbourne's fight to eradicate tuberculosis last century is being demolished and replaced with a 31-storey university tower, after a community push to save the building was unsuccessful.
For 90 years, Little Lonsdale Street was home to the unassuming red brick Tuberculosis Bureau, playing a crucial role in the battle against the deadly lung disease after the First World War.
The building has stood empty for 22 years while modern glass towers sprouted around it.
However its quiet residency just came to an end, with bulldozers moving in to begin construction of Victoria University's ambitious ‘vertical campus’.
In a 2018 report to the Future Melbourne Planning Committee, the building was labelled historically significant and recommended for heritage overlay, but its demolition had already been approved as part of a 2013 planning permit during Matthew Guy’s time as Planning Minister.
Its sister building, the Women’s Venereal Disease Clinic, won a bid for heritage listing and a large portion of its facade will be incorporated into the university tower's first and second floors.
“The facade will be restored and form part of the tremendous new precinct. This was part of the original permit that was granted for the tower in 2013, which involved close liaison with the planning authorities including Heritage Victoria as is standard in all major developments,” said a spokesman for Victoria University.
While a small section of the Tuberculosis Bureau's facade is currently still standing on Little Lonsdale Street, the university says this will not be retained.

Citizen activist group Melbourne Heritage Action fought to have both buildings preserved. The group's president, Tristan Davies, said he disagreed with the university’s decision.

“I think it’s completely unnecessary, you can easily keep a building like this and develop as well on the back. It would have been a nice little entryway and it's a very intact streetscape so it’s a shame,” Mr Davies said.
According to a 2018 review of heritage listings conducted by the City of Melbourne, the former Tuberculosis Bureau was built in 1928 as part of the State Ministry’s campaign to fight the disease. The building continued to be used as a centre to treat a variety of different illnesses until 1996 when it was left unoccupied.
Throughout its life, it primarily served the poor and disenfranchised.

“It’s not necessarily a pretty history,” said Mr Davies
“The building is attractive but we have got to remember things like that as well, not just rich people’s mansions and all the good things people did in them".
While the majority of the bureau's former patients have died, the building still holds memories for some.
“I remember attending this as a child with my mum and younger brother. Mum had TB in both 1948 and a recurrence in 1964, so regular chest X-rays were part of life,” wrote one person on social media.
Victoria University’s new vertical campus will be a 31-storey glass building, constructed by developer ISPT and leased back to the university under a 30-year agreement

It will house spaces for the university's business, law, health, biomedicine and polytechnic faculties.
A university spokesman said the tower would be part of the new ‘City West Precinct’ being developed with ISPT, replacing buildings on Flinders Street and other CBD locations.
The new precinct will also include two adjacent heritage listed properties, the Former Records Office and Land Titles Office. These will not be demolished.
The tower will open its doors to students in 2022.
“We are pleased to be partnering with ISPT on this project which will help us to create a world-class precinct for our students in the CBD,” the spokesman said.

“The project will revitalise this iconic part of the city, restoring the historic Land Titles Office, while also improving the local amenity. It will result in a reborn urban experience in the western parts of the Melbourne CBD.”


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CBD | VU Tower | 364-378 Lt Lonsdale | 30L | 135m | Mixed Use

CBD | VU Tower | 364-378 Lt Lonsdale | 30L | 135m | Mixed Use[/QUOTE]

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Work is under way on this. Photo thanks to Greenguy94.

CBD | VU Tower | 364-378 Lt Lonsdale | 30L | 135m | Mixed Use[/QUOTE]

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